Post 820: piddling the day away…again!

Today was another one of those low energy days. Maybe it was the gray, drizzly wetness of it. Maybe it was the chill air that encouraged wrapping oneself up in a comforter and keeping warm. Whatever it was, it was.

I hope tomorrow finds us more energetic, but today is today. Even Andy’s piddling the day away.

andy in repose

45 thoughts on “Post 820: piddling the day away…again!

  1. I was wondering if you could give me an opinion. I went to the local animal shelter today to take a look at the cats. The one I liked was precisely the most frightened. I thought it was just shyness, so I reached out to hold him, and for a minute seemed to be okay. After that he hissed which I’m also used to in cats. What I found extremely incredible was his bite. I don’t mind cats biting a little, but this cat gave me an extremely strong bite. Do you think this a warning sign for canceling a possible adoption? This was the cat I really liked, and I know bites are a normal expression of fear, yet this one bit me to the bone. Would this be a prevalent behavioral pattern, or just plain fear?

    • I would be prepared for a long period of adjustment if you decide to adopt this cat.

      I am not an expert in these things, but I always approach adoptions from the standpoint of a positive reaction toward me and vice versa. It’s easy enough to fall in love with a cute kitty or cat, but I like to adopt the ones that show curiosity and interest in me, ones that come up to me to get pet or have their noses rubbed.

      This cat might be a better one for someone with lots of experience with feral or semi-feral cats, which it might be.

      • I know exactly what you mean, yet, this shelter is a “kill shelter”, unfortunately. The bite was just too much, yet this cat was barely 6 weeks old at the most. I have a feeling it’s trauma. He must have already bitten someone and gotten smacked real hard or even kicked.

        • That’s quite possible, though a feral cat (or kitten) might react that way out of a need to protect itself from perceived threats to its safety, too.

          I know feral mothers will attack a human if a human gets too close to her kittens because it’s happened to me! I was going to adopt one of the kittens, but I decided I probably wasn’t up to the challenge. I’d little experience with cats that that point, and only cats that were thoroughly domesticated.

          Let me know what you decide to do. I hope you are able to save this kitten, but it will be a challenge. One person you might contact is Doug Brown, who posts videos featuring foster cats he and his wife take in when people find them with little families of kittens. Here’s a link to his Facebook site, and you can view his videos featuring rescue cats he and his wife Sharon have helped (and sometimes adopted!)both there and in YouTube.:

          • Yes, the bite means he must have come from a feral mother, or a violent situation in which he had the need to protect himself that way. I think he’s probably 7 weeks at the most. The bad thing is that once they bite this hard, they start getting mistreated, even by the shelter personel. Too bad.

          • Again, this is why I fully support neutering and spaying pets before they reproduce. The cute cuddly ones can get adopted easily enough, but the problem ones rarely get a chance to experience a happy end.

          • Oh he’s neutered, this is why all the cats are 6-7 weeks or older in there. They’re neutered and have their vaccination records. The shelter is actually doing much better, its adoption rate increased tremendously in the last years. I just think this is a traumatized cat, not allowed to explore enough and having too much fear.

          • Some shelters have volunteers play with the “inmates” to help socialize and entertain them till they are adopted. I think that is helpful but requires time and resources, something many shelters lack.

    • It’s a photograph, actually! The super hero outfit was added later by a friend who lives in New Zealand.

      When he saw the original photo, he decided Louie the ginger cat (who died in 2011) was heroic and needed a super hero outfit.

      With the little cape, he became Captain Me-Ow. (Because cats are all about “Me”, and if you don’t believe it, watch out for “Ow”!)

      It’s a favorite photo of the late Louie, and the super hero cape captured his spirit well!

    • That’s a photo of my late cat Louie the ginger cat. A New Zealand friend thought he needed a little super hero cape because of his pose, and it captures Louie’s spirit quite perfectly! He was a great cat.

      Until Andy tried to pull it off the wall, the photo was held in place and centered in the frame by static electricity.

      Pulling on the bottom frame, Andy broke the static electric charge, the photo slipped down, and I decided to leave it ass is because chaos is a normal part of having cats in one’s life! LOL 🙂

  2. I had a high energy this morning but boy did I regret it at 5 p.m. Everything hurts. Of course, regular Florida weather this time of year means thunder storms most days.

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