We can work it out!

Much of my disgust with the Washington bunch of late is the whine-whine-whine negativity that could easily be tolerated if the whiners even had one thought about how to improve those things they whine about. 

Put me in the crowd that wants to replace the whole Congress with new people. Well, maybe we can keep a few old ones to guide new Congressmen in the ways of politics: COMPROMISE OR DIE! Oops! There I go again! I all ready established to my satisfaction that decapitation, hanging, impaling, tar-and-feathering, and shooting, among other tempting means are out of line in 2013.

That isn’t to say I’ve given up, though. It’s reasonably predictable that my favorite 3rd District Congressman who rarely answers e-mails and letters will run again in 2014. You know, “run every time, run for another office, or die in office”, the only way new Congressmen and Senators change in red states in the nation’s middle. 

It’s also unlikely I can vote for this fellow, this Adrian Smith guy. Or that anyone else will run or be acceptable if he/she does…!

SO, I propose a write in candidate, one I know is above special interests, bribery, small talk, sucking up to gain favors, or running with the herd. He is:

This is a baby picture of Andy so he looks young and fresh to the electorate!

This is a baby picture of Andy so he looks young and fresh to the electorate!

He isn’t affiliated with any party, but, for sake of a successful campaign, I will encourage him to run as a Republican, the party of most successful Nebraska politicians. I’ll even register as a Republican so I can vote for Andy for Congress in the primary! He’s a winner!

Andy has a message for you!

I have no shame: I recycled this image I earlier characterized as a "FAIL"....

I have no shame: I recycled this image I earlier characterized as a “FAIL”….

Andy’s “mood” in the photo is his reaction to the flash going off when I photographed him. Me? My mood is a genuinely grumpy mood today.

Why? Those fools in Washington continue to drive toward a Pyrrhic victory, each claiming a “win” over the other. Neither will win anything at this point worth the loss America suffers now in goodwill, civil order, world approbation, economic growth, the ongoing “governance” by manufactured crisis.

The party of balanced budget costs the country $160,000,000 a day with this shutdown. This is Day Fifteen: They are reckless hypocrites

Gadsden flag

Gadsden flag

wrapped in the Gadsden flag, the flag usually thought of as the flag of the Confederate States of America, and the Stars & Stripes in several versions. They stage photo ops using WWII veterans. They tear down barriers they caused to be put up when they shut down the US Government. For what? Perhaps you remember this:

>honk! honk!<

>honk! honk!<


Regardless of the impending consequences, I know the two sides will blame each other for the disasters associated with this BS, that the American public will not have been served, that the rhetoric will continue, that Congress will continue to “govern” by manufactured crisis letting real national problems grow for lack of attention. They’ll even throw in a default to further destabilize the economy of the US and the world if they can! Bastards one and all.

Clearly, I see the Republicans as the main villains in this manufactured crisis, though it is mostly the Ted Cruz shutdown. The Republicans call it the fault of the Democrats or President Obama. WHO CARES WHAT YOU SAY!? You all are wrong, you all failed, you each bear responsibility. STOP IT! The damage is done. Or, perhaps, just started.

Yes. I am in a grumpy mood today. Vote them ALL out of office. Let history sort out who is a hero or a traitor to the American nation.