The Price of Honor – for Veteran’s Day

This is a few days early, but I hope you read it, reflect on it, and remember to respect November 11th, this coming Tuesday, as a day to honor those who served in their country’s many wars.

4 thoughts on “The Price of Honor – for Veteran’s Day

    • Me, too. Sadly, I think people learn they can do things like this when they are put into the situation. Of course, many never can talk about it. Many are traumatized to the point they can’t function. Many are maimed physically for life. And the people who start the war sit in heated rooms, enjoying their little war game, smoking their cigars, drinking a nice “liberated” brandy, planning whose children to slaughter that day. (Need I say I wasn’t a willing soldier? That I was relieved and glad I was stationed in a place where the wars were over?)

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