Post 583: everything’s a cat toy

I am well aware of Andy and Dougy’s love of paper. Drop a piece on the floor, and one or the other almost immediately plops down on it, assuring the other brother can’t have it.

For that reason, when I copied the new television HD channel reference my cable company recently sent, I put the paper in a plastic sleeve. It was a good idea, one that would assure I had a readable cat-repelled copy any time I need to know a new channel number.

Didn't take Dougy any time at all to maul the plastic-covered television listing. Bad boy. You cat, you, Dougy. You cat.

Didn’t take Dougy any time at all to maul the plastic-covered reference. Bad boy. You cat, you, Dougy. You cat.

I took my complaint to Dougy. “Why for you chew and maul my TV thingy, Douglas? Why? Why? Why?”


>  yawn!  <

 I don’t think he was listening.

6 thoughts on “Post 583: everything’s a cat toy

  1. I can’t find your post about the minimum wage ballot in Nebraska, but I was delighted to see today that it passed. Confounds me why the state is so conservative, but will overwhelmingly (almost 60 per cent) pass a measure that is so Democratic. Years ago there was a referendum to elect the governor and lieutenant governor on the same party ticket. It passed, but in that same election the voters chose a governor and lieutenant governor from different parties. So figurel

    • That disconnect applies across the board. Why would people who benefit by the Affordable Health Care Act so like it be against it when it’s identified as “Obamacare”.

      The American (and Nebraskan) voter is more influenced by emotion than fact, and the Fox News people stir up a fine pot of lies and distortion in ways that favor conservative politicians. In the last presidential campaign, 2012,. the Fox pundits were so convinced by their own lies that Romney was winning by a landslide that they ignored the polls of their own organization that said it wasn’t so.

      Of course, there is distortion and lies all around. It isn’t uniquely Fox, but most egregiously so. I know too many people who believe anything they hear on that channel even when substantial fact is available to dispute it.

      There’s another clump of people who believe anything they find on the Internet, the worst source of truth there is since journalistic standards aren’t applied to verification of information (two or more reliable, unimpeachable sources) bloggers post. I was appalled at the outrageous crap people reposted to me during the 2012 campaign that was so incredibly unbelievable that I couldn’t believe intelligent people actually accepted it at face value without first trying to verify it in any way. It was like a gossip campaign by good “Christian” people. I lost a lot of respect for a lot of people that year.

      All that said, perhaps it is better two-thirds of the potential voters didn’t vote, except it want a well-informed bunch who did, by and large or they would think things like Obama is a Socialist-dictator-tyrant-communist-gay murderer-Muslim born in Kenya, among other bull. Personally, I’m disappointed he isn’t tougher on Congress, but the man has incredible reserve and self-control, no matter what nonsense Fox tries to peddle about him.

      PT Barnum certainly got it right when he observed a sucker was born every minute, eh?

  2. Very cute and realistic post. Shoko doesn’t bother sitting on things on the floor but Kali has a gay old time…first, trying to get under said article….her favourite is reusable shopping bags. Then laying in the middle of the walkway on the bag so anyone in a hurry darn near breaks there neck on a sprawled out Kali
    Have a great weekend my friend.


    • Well, boxes and bags are big favorites here, too! Andy and Dougy also are great ones for emptying waste paper baskets, behavior pedigreed Persian cats should, should be above! But they are not, and I have photographic evidence. Ha! 🙁

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