Post 857: Fuji the kitten loses the battle for survival. RIP, kitten…

RIP, kitten..

RIP, kitten..

Fuji the kitten had a short existence, yet many of us following his and his litter mates’ story fell head over heels in love with this little guy. Now we are in tears.

Anyone who’s lost a pet can understand how devastating it can be. In a short time, we become emotionally invested in their lives. This sad news Tuesday reminds me just how fragile kittens can be. It reminds me of how sick Andy and Dougy were when I first got them and how even now I can’t hug them enough, I am so grateful they survived.

Sweet little Fuji. RIP little guy. We barely got to know you through Doug and Sharon’s postings but I will miss following your story. You had a good and happy life while here and now you join Panther in our memories.


Every garden needs a cat. The lucky gardens have a kitten, too.