23Mar22: “Do not love me!”

Andy can be minding his own business when I feel an urge to give him loving…

…but sometimes he freaks out as soon as I touch him.

He tries to resist but…

“…oh, yeah! I love it when you scritch up and down my back!”

Andy can be a strange little kitty.

On the other hand, my sister Kathy writes, “Nothing like a kitty sleeping on my lap to get the blood pressure down!” She sent these two photos of her kitty girl Saki sleeping on her lap:

Andy could learn from Saki! He prefers not to be held much.


March used to be a month of celebration in my family. Three of four of us kids were born in March. Sister Marijean on the 11th, me on the 22nd, and today, March 23rd, my brother Dick was born. Both Marijean and Dick have died, leaving just Kathy, my Seattle sister, and me alive in our immediate family.

Dick was a very straight forward fellow. He was exactly what he seemed to be, no artifice. He hunted, worked in various lumber mills, rode a motorcycle, drove pickups, was great with kids and animals. There always was a dog or cat in the family, and oftentimes, there were more than one when one of the girls had to leave a pet with Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grand Dad because they couldn’t have pets where they were going. My kitties, Louie, Andy, and Dougy, each in his time, love, love, loved Dick, and were excited when he came to visit.

Yes, all the photos I used for Marijean’s birthday on the 11th’ post, work here for Dick’s, too. Marijean, Dick, Kathy, and me, in birth order.

Marijean, Dick, and our Scottish Grandmother, in front of her home.

Marijean, me, Kathy, and Dick in front of our home.

I’m exhausted with the sadness of the day, both in Ukraine and in my own home. I miss both my siblings a lot, especially in March, when we used to have three birthdays to celebrate.

The late Dougy and Dick. Dick and I enjoyed our annual time together. My kitty boys loved him, too.


40 thoughts on “23Mar22: “Do not love me!”

    • That’s a favorite. It is a screen shot from a video that rates a warning that it can only be watched on YouTube because of language – Dick and I used the word “axxxxxx” three different times, and the whole social order of the world would instantly collapse, tragically, if anyone heard it. You know how the world that spawned Hitler, Mao Tze Tung, Attila the Hun, Stalin, Putin, etc. etc. etc. cant’t handle dangerous words….

    • I know how that goes, Dolly. Every time W updates the site, I hope they make it possible to edit what one posts on other blogs. Still waiting!

  1. march is not a good month for our family; so I understand. happy belated
    birthday and wavez to andy’s cousin saki; she’s gorgeous 🙂 ♥ hoping you were able to do something yesterday doug that you enjoyed !

  2. Many hugs in sympathy and a belated Happy Birthday from all of us here, Doug, and a scritch for little Andy, too.

    With increasing age, I find myself thinking more often about all those who have gone on through that gate before me, and knowing I have less road ahead than behind me. World events have not helped that at all. All one can do is to try to find joy in the memories, and the joy in each day.

    Saki is one cool kitty! Give our best to Kathy.

  3. Andy is such a cutie, and it seems that like a lot of cats, has quirks that are beyond explanation! I’m so sorry you are feeling the loss of your family, I miss mine too and I know how hard it is.

  4. These are all special and precious memories dear Doug, life is to collect memories as if… but nice and good, seems that you are lucky with having them, I can almost feel your longing. Time that we live is not as before… we flow through a life full of threats, there are only our memories… we stuck indoors… nothing changes… and yes, our little friends. Andy is amazing one, and I loved your sister’s explanations. Cats make us happy… And they are all different… I can’t understand them in so many times, why, or where, or what… why not, why yes, why now, why not now,…etc. they are the King and Queen… there is not democracy in their world. I pray for your brother and sister, Rest in Peace, both of them. To be loved and to love, what a precious for humans… and they know how beautiful brother you are. Thank you dear Doug, Love, nia

    • Thank you, nia! I appreciate your thoughtful comments! Yes, cats give us so much, but they can be a bit hard to understand sometimes. Andy was a strange-looking kitten, but he turned into a beautiful kitty boy as he grew. His sweet name is pleasing, as is his cute behaviors. I enjoy sharing him with those who follow him on thi8s blog. It amazes me that he is known to people on every continent except Antarctica! The Internet is an amazing place!

      I was fortunate to have my family in my life. Though I miss my parents and Marijean and Dick, I am fille with pleasant memories of all of them.

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