In Memory o f our sweet Ali

I won’t post my usual today. I am too sad for Ruth and Tim on the passing of their beloved Ali.

Ali was especially good for Tim with his special needs, and both Ruth and Tim will need our love, hugs, and thoughts while they adjust to this loss.

Ali had many medical issues that finally brought her to a point where she was beyond care, though she had excellent care from a veterinarian who went out of her way to try to save this beloved cat.

24 thoughts on “In Memory o f our sweet Ali

  1. I am saddened by Ruth and Tim’s loss, Doug. Ali looks like she was a beautiful cat and a gentle soul. I will plant some daffodils here for Ali in Elbert’s garden come this autumn. A little spot of gold for Ali among the shades of purple for Elbert. The irises are taking hold now (with lots of watering), and hopefully that bed will look good come spring. It is so hot and dry now I am working hard at keeping various plantings going.

  2. How sad for them. Yesterday I was finally able to take my Tony to the crematorium. There is no good facilty near here. They have my sympathy and I appreciate you using the post to tell us about her passing and showing us her beauty.

    • I find I become attached to favorite Intgernet kitties. I guess it comes from have such strong attachments to my kitties that I understand too well how others feel when they lose one of their fur buddies. Ali was an exceptional cat. She had her health issues, but she also seemed to understand that Tim had his, too. She was his best buddy, support when he was not well, and, as you can see in her photo, a beautiful cat.

    • Unfortunate as it is, she had significant health issues for much of her life. It was her liver that finally brought her to the point of no return, perhaps because of having to deal with so many strong drugs to control her medical issues. That’s just my guess since the liver processes things like medication in the blood stream.

    • I know Ali will. I was encouraged to see how many of their Facebook friends stopped by to offer support and condolences, too. I think there were over 75 individual notes the last time I saw their Facebook notice about Ali. It’s doubtlessly more by now.

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