Post 1123: Caturday starts off perfectly…!

One never knows how the day will begin. I gave Andy his medicine, for example, and his usual response is to disappear for the next few hours, for fear I’ll give him more! Today, however, he was Mr. Happy Cat and couldn’t seem to get enough of me.

Andy woke up in a happy mood.82016 andy on stacked carriers use me

He took a little time to clean up, then ran off for a little snack. I caught him , then gave him his medicine. Usually, he hides from me for a few hours after that. Not today!82016 andy grooming on recliner2

Today, Andy came over and stretched out on the recliner arm, where I pet him, scratched his head, finger massaged his back, rubbed his nose and whiskers. Happy times for Andy! He stayed around for several minutes, a rare treat for me.82016 andy on recliner arm 3 use me2

Dougy was his usual Mr. Mellow Kitty, hogging his ottoman from my feet.

82016 dougy on ottoman use me 1

Oh well! Dougy was pleased Andy tied me up because he was enjoying “his” ottoman so much!

I hope your Caturday is perfect, too!