Post 1964: a tall tail…

“Where do you expect me to put my tail…!?”


Post 1963: Dougy’s eye…

From a distance, Dougy’s eye looks much better. How much better will be determined today when Dr. Ylander examines it at the veterinary clinic.

Close up, though, his right eye has gunk in the hair surrounding it. I ran out of one of his eye drops yesterday, so he missed that medication for last afternoon and this morning. I hope that is the reason for the change in the appearance of his eye. He doesn’t seem to have any pain or problems keeping it open, like a week or so ago. Poor little guy! I hope his veterinarian has good words for him and me this morning.

Post 1962: window time…

Dougy’s eye is much better. He can tolerate the bright light at the window again and enjoy the sad little marigolds trying their best to get all the winter sun possible.

Post 1961: Respect my authority!

I have a physical disability and one speed, slow! Since I am responsible for giving Andy his blood pressure medicine twice a day, that disability might make a difference. Except! Yes, except, my kitty boys seem convinced my cane has some magical holding quality. If I point it at them, they tend to stop. If I put it on top of them…! Yes, it is my authority.

As you can see above, “respect” doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t get a “stink eye” from Andy when I catch him with the cane so he can get his midday medicine. 

Post 1960: Why does Andy like that spot?

He’s purring and closing his eyes in ecstasy. He points his face toward the ceiling and stays that way for long periods. Why does Andy like this recliner spot?

It’s directly under a ceiling fan!

Post 1959: Caught you, Dougley!

Woo hoo! Didn’t blink, did you, big boy!?

Twice in a row! I just want to show your friends around the world the eye drops are helping your right eye heal. (Taken yesterday, January 9th.)

Post 1958: slowly returning to normal…

Dougy associates all cameras with blinding light. As soon as I point one at him, he closes his eyes. Soooo…when I tried to show you how much better his eye is today, he closed his eyes. This is the best photo of them all. I guess you just have to take my word for it today, things are much better today, and Dougy seems to connect the eye drops with his eye feeling more comfortable because he hasn’t fought the drops as much as he did at first. (He just walked by and gave me a big Persian kitty wide eyed look. Dang it! Not ready with the smart phone camera!)

Post 1957: Dougy on the rebound…

Dougy enjoys a good brushing, then is exceptionally playful for the first time in several days. In fact, I was unable to get photos of him being playful because he was running around too fast for my smart phone camera! But he was having a good time, believe it.

Post 1956: Dougy’s healing!

Dougy’s eye is healing nicely. Dougy is more active and he even came to me to let me know he wanted something – turned out to be wet kitty food! – in the kitchen. I was especially pleased he wanted that food because I hadn’t seen him eat any wet food in days.

He’s more playful, too, having initiated a game the kitty boys invented where one kitty stands by the multi-colored string off a wand toy, meows a challenge to the other kitty. If the other kitty hears the challenge, the chase is on, Yes, Dougy is feeling better!

Post 1955: morning chores…

Dougy looks better, but I still have till the 14th, minimum, to give him his twice daily medication for his eye. He was a pretty good patient today, excellent for Dougy! I think, I hope he now associates the drops with reduced pain or discomfort in that eye. He sneezed a bit after this photo was taken, one of the symptoms of feline herpes.

Andy, wrapped in a towel in preparation to give him his medicine for high blood pressure. He’s giving me that usual “Stare of Extreme Upset and Disapproval Prior to Ripping Out ‘His’ Carotid Artery with My Razor Claws of Instant Death” look. He was a good boy, however, giving me no excessive hassles today. The kitty boy medicating chore went well, with minimal stress to us all! (No animosity left over – he just stopped by for a chin ‘scritch’!)