Post 1164: in the dark…

Some days I am lucky to get photos of either kitty because they are hiding in the dark. Dougy chose by the front door. Andy, who was hiding from his daily dose of medicine, hid under the computer desk. Grrr! I don’t have time today to play black-cats-in-dark-places games, but the kitties are doing their best to be difficult!

Here are my heavily Photoshopped results:

Dougy in the dark. No idea why.

93016 dougy in dark 2.jpg

Andy in the dark, hiding from his daily medicine dose….

93016 andy victorious 3 use me.jpg

I’ll catch you boys yet! And you, Andy, if I can take my medicine like a big boy, so can you!

Here’s an Andy photo from another day, one when he was enjoying the sun coming in through the back door. 

61116 andy suncat

Post 1163: > sniff! sniff! <

The kitty brothers often sniff each other. This time it’s in a nice way. LOL! I didn’t realize cats did “that” – butt sniff… – until I had two of them, but they also sniff each other when the opportunity arises.

“That you, brother?” Dougy seems to say while sniffing Andy below.

92816 sniff sniff.jpg

“Who’d you expect, you goofy cat?!” says Andy, incredulous that Dougy had to ask. 

[After showing you a messy photo taken at the same time in yesterday’s post, I found this extra photo that required a lot less manipulation and showed some kitty interaction. The boys often sniff each other, for whatever reason. What I like about this photo is you can see that smoke Persian aspect in their fur a bit more than usual. It is less evident until their hair grows out a bit, but never shows a lot since I get them trimmed every two months.]

Post 1162: a look behind the scenes…

Thanks to Photoshoppery, I manage to get mostly presentable photos of life with the kitty brothers out to you. I decided today I’d show you how much effort it takes to take a typical photo of the boys from “as is” to kind of presentable. It is a horror story!


Whew! what a mess! Why didn’t I vacuum first? Or put the over-turned wastepaper basket back up? (Dang cats! There isn’t anything of interest in there!) Should I try for one or two kitties in the photo?

92816 before 2.jpg

Hmm. That cleaned up pretty well, but the background clutter will take some skill I don’t have….

92816 after.jpg

Maybe I can crop it to hell and back and get something…

92816 extreme after.jpg

Oh well. Cropping helped, but  I think that photo is a bit too much to make into a presentable posting photo. I’ll try later for something in a better, cleaner, less cat-ravaged spot!

[And you thought I actually knew what I was doing! Surprise!]


Post 1161: Andy loves a “skritching”; Dougy stops play for a portrait

Andy purred when I held him to give him his medicine this morning. I think he was purring to comfort himself…. Anyway, he was a very good boy and took his medicine like a big kitty.


Andy rested on the recliner after I fed the kitty brothers their morning wet food.

92816 penive andy 2.jpg

I couldn’t resist giving him a good “scritching”! He loved it!

92816 use me happy andy.jpg

Dougy, the resident comedian cat, on the other hand, was very serious when posing for his portrait.

92816 use me dougy portrait.jpg

But Dougy was more interested in play!

92816 use me dougy in attack mode.jpg

Post 1160: keeping me close…

Andy and Dougy like to keep me close. Never know when you want a good “scritching”, eh?!

92716 use me andy in repose.jpg

Andy has me in his sights…! 

92716 dougy stops for scritching.jpg

Dougy stopped by for a “scritching”.

92716 me.jpg

I know this much: The kitty brothers will be attended to!

92716 andy yawns.jpg

Andy gets tired waiting for me to stop favoring Dougy with my attention.

Yes, attending to my kitties is a full time job! They have specific needs, among which scratching ears, backs, and chins rank at the top. 

Post 1159: in for the night, so the kitty boys’ wait is over…

I enjoyed my 50th high school reunion events over the weekend, so the kitty brothers did a lot of waiting at the door till I came home. At least that’s the impression they left me, and I didn’t notice any messes or evidence of mayhem when I came home.

use me margie.jpg

I was a bad boy and had two margueritas…

92516 ME.jpg

I had a great time!

92616 boys at door.jpg

The boys met me at the door, of course. (Dougy and Andy seem disappointed with me since I had the margies….!)

92616 use me boys ready to sleep.jpg

They were ready to sleep, but they followed me to the recliner and assumed their watch positions.

92616 use me asleep boys.jpg

Then they fell asleep!

Post 1157: The boys always greet me at the door…

No matter what time of day or night, Andy and Dougy always greet me at the door when I come home.


Dougy looks out while Andy comes running.

Post 1156: Caturday is upon us! What to do?!

Andy always knows the exact thing to do on Caturday.

Andy likes to sleep on his back.

Andy will get back to you when he’s rested up….!

Post 1155: Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! Andy smells a stink…

Andy doesn’t share his stacked carrier aerie lightly. Or at all! So he is alarmed when he smells a stink that shouldn’t be there!

92316 1st on fee fie foe fum.jpg

A new smell on his towel. Not good! Not good!

92316 andy ponders.jpg

Grrr! Andy knows that stink: It’s DOUGY!

92316 better andy looks use me.jpg

Andy looks left and right….

92316 third what's wrong.jpg

Grrr! Where is that rascal?

92316 next to last.jpg

Right under Andy’s very sensitive nose!

92316 the end photo.jpg

Dougy feels pretty smug about it. “Made you look, Andy! Hee! Hee!” 

On the other paw, Andy now has the very highly craved walker. Oh Dougy! You played a game and lost! 

“But I got the equally craved kitty lounger! Andy can’t have it all!”

Well played, Dougy.