A Crash Course on Finding the Best Food For Your Cat

It isn’t easy finding the best food for your kitty. This is a good resource to use tyo compare what you do feed your cat and what to verify on the label.


Cat owners are having a hard time finding healthy cat food choices. Some food contains questionable ingredients, and some do not contain all the nutrients a cat needs, but the following tips should help you find the right food for your furry friend.

Eliminate Cat Food That Does Not Contain Enough Meat

One important fact that research has shown is that cats require a diet that is dense in animal protein. This means the main ingredient in any cat food formula should be meat. There are different types of meats that you can choose from like chicken, salmon, and turkey.

It is important that the type of meat is identified, as some companies do not disclose the kind of meat used, which should cause you to worry. Undisclosed meat, meat meal, or animal by-products could include meat from an animal’s entrails or brain, and in some cases the meat could…

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21 thoughts on “A Crash Course on Finding the Best Food For Your Cat

  1. Good article, Doug. I love the Katzenworld folks. I make my own cat food, and only keep some commercial food on hand if I get into a time-bind. For that I use the Newman’s Own Organics, which they excluded for unknown manufacturer, but it is the best I can get here. I do brush our cats’ teeth (all 9 cats).


    • Oh dear! The idea of brushing one cat’s teeth is daunting, but all nine of yours? Whew! I feed them Greenies treats sparingly (per instruction on the package), and that seems to keep the tartar down. I do have their veterinarian examine their teeth each time I take them in forsigns of gum disease or need for tooth care, and they’ve been problem free since I got them, with the exception of a lower incisor that was rubbing against an upper canine and was removed from Andy’s mouth.


    • http://autistsix.wordpress.com/ It happened again: I hit something that called your last comment “spam”, then disappeared before I could hit “Undo”> Maddening!

      Anyway, as I remember your comment, it had to do with feeding your dogs human food (except for those things known to be bad for them), and they are healthy, whereas your mother (?) feeds hers vet-approved foods and hers is fat.

      That is a very poor recreation of your comment, I think, but I note I feed my two kitties a diet prescribed by their veterinarian, and they are both healthy and a healthy weight. The answer, I think, is not to overfeed pets, make sure they are active and get exercise, and keep track of their weight through regular evaluations by their veterinarian. As for which foods to feed them, I think there are as many ideas on that as there are human nutritionists telling us contradictory things about what we should eat!

      Speaking of that – what’s good for us to eat – since I went on dialysis, I’ve been tossed into an upside down world nutritionally. Potatoes, especially with skins, are death to me because of the high potassium content, as are bananas. Cranberry juice is higher in potassium than apple juice. Whole wheat bread is unacceptable, but white bread is! Same with white rice over brown. Then I have to make up deficits of certain minerals and vitamins with pills. (Ironically, doctors generally tell you you needn’t take supplemental vitamins because you get all you need in your food!)

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    • With my recent health issues, i have beguin to pay close attention to the labels on food. Potassium, salt in its many forms, and phosphorus are three ingredients that I have to be especially careful about. It’s changed my buying habits in ways that match those I go through with food and treats for Andy and Dougy. Andy has some allergies, for example. We have isolated them specifically, but when they are fed chicken-based foods, the allergy isn’t active. (If you look at some of the old photos, when the inside of his ear is reddish, he’s having an allergic reaction.)


    • Katzenworld é um excelente blog sobre gatos, se você não estiver familiarizado com ele. Um mensagens Englishman, e ele frequentemente apresenta produtos para gatos, histórias sobre gatos, e, claro, belas fotos do gato!


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