Post 1187: fugitive…

The endless game of giving Andy his heart medicine began with Andy escaping from me each time I tried to catch him. 

Frustrated, I decided to take a photo of Andy hiding in the dark, feet away from me where I couldn’t move without him scooting off to some inaccessible spot to “cat smirk” about how he avoided his icky medicine once again! I’d call the blog centered on the photo “fugitive…” I decided.

While waiting for my computer to settle in and be ready, Andy stopped by my computer chair! He was within grabbing distance, so I just reached down and captured my little fugitive! 

“Try giving me those sad kitten eyes now, you little rascal! You will be medicated today!” 


The fugitive, moments before he came over and was captured. (Photo taken in low light.)102316-andy

This is Andy’s main defense: “sad kitten eyes”. Didn’t work!  For those unfamiliar with Andy’s “sad kitten eyes”, here’s an historical photo, back when I had to wrap him in a towel to contain him long enough to give him his medicine:

andy realizes hes getting medicine

…wrapped in the white towel! He spots the medicine bottle on the table. This can only mean one thing! (Original caption for this photo – this shows you an Oscar-worthy version of “sad kitten eyes”, as Andy performs them!)

20 thoughts on “Post 1187: fugitive…

    • Poor Andy! He’s getting better about the medicine. I do make sure it is as pleasant a process as possible, with nose rubs, soft talk about what a good kitty he is, and holding him close like a baby. He’s become used to that, likes it, and that makes the medicine part a little more tolerable. (Well, not too tolerable!)

    • It’s a tablet that’s ground and mixed into a chicken-flavored liquid. His main complaint is the cold, I think. It has to be stored in the refrigerator. It takes a moment to give it to him, then he is OK. I squirt just a small amount into his mouth, then, gradually, complete the deed. The whole process takes b=very little time, just a few seconds.

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