Post 2056: recliner sports…

Dougy likes to relax in the recliner, of course, but…

…recliner sports is even better! And the chosen game is “Kill the Mockingbird”. Boring to you and me, yes? Not to Dougy!

Boy, did the ‘bird zip past Dougy at 100 mph!

Things went a bit better this time.

“I am kitty, hear me RAWR!” Dougy does an amazing sideways snare!

Yes! Dougy has his kitty on today!

Once again!

This can go on for a long time. Dougy stops when it’s time for a kitty nap time or kitty food time or kitty wash up time, but he’s always ready to get back into “Kill the Mockingbird”, his current favorite kitty sport!

18 thoughts on “Post 2056: recliner sports…

  1. It is more easy for Dougy to catch the mocking bird in the recliner than above the ottoman .
    BTW : I was not well yesterday night at the end of the dialysis (heart beats : 145/mn)
    In friendship

  2. Nothing like a favorite toy!

    The laser toys (the “red light people”) do tend to drive them crazy. The red light would disappear under a closet door, and kitties would spend hours waiting for them to come out! 🙂

    Mr. Nano thinks shower drains are gopher holes, and will sit and watch one for quite some time. 🙂

    • Dougy neve4r played well with the light and Andy figured it out – that light comes from the human’s hand! Andy always fixes on the source of the light, and doesn’t play. I don’t kniow what to think. They are probably the two only cats ever that don’t like chasing the red light!

    • They don’t play with them. Andy, in fact, locates the source and fixates omn that. I’m not surfe why they don’t play with laser light!

        • Most do, I think. I’ve tried different ones – hand -held ones and one that rotated and randomly changed directions (you set it on the floor or some flat surface and it did the work) – but mneither kitty boy had much interest in them.

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