17Dec21: a busy kitty…

Well, “sleepy kitty” might state it better.

But he occasionally moves. (I didn’t have to poke him to see if he was, well, you know….)

Then he wakes up long enough…

…for a head “scritch”!

How exhausting!

28 thoughts on “17Dec21: a busy kitty…

  1. At last, Doug, I’m allowed to make a comment! Don’t know why, but just on your blog, I could like, but not comment? I’ve forgotten what I was going to say now, Humph!

    • LOL! Birds have song variation from geographic region to geographic region. The horned lark, which occurs in my part of the world and yours, even has this variation from where I live to 100 km north of here, something that surprised me the first time I heard it! Anyway, why not a “miaou” with, say, a broader “a” sound than you hear in a proper French cat. Andy probably has a hint of Texas here as well since east of where I live there are people who sound a bit “country”, like they come from deep in the heart of Texas! We call it “a twang”! The link includes horned lark song from several US locations. The world of nature is an amazing place!


      This expands the horned lark song to the world, including French horned lark song!


  2. Wow I am forever touching Washe’s ear to make sure he still twitches. He would not tolerate wearing a vitals monitor 😸 Whilst he nibbles my eye brow every morning to see if I am still kicking & to open the seafood buffet 😉

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