Post 561: it starts here…

I needed to do a little clean up today. It astonishes me how little time it takes for the cats and me to make a mess of the place.

Yeah, I have a day’s worth of dishes piled by the sink…erm…and on the stove, but it makes no sense to wash them as generated because it’s just my dishes, utensils and cups or glasses.

But, but the boys make a bigger mess. Yes, they leave hair all over the place. (I brush Dougy, but Andy doesn’t like me to brush him; however, Andy doesn’t shed as bad as Dougy! They insist on me keeping every box that comes into the house. How can I refuse?) Their toys are everywhere. EVERYWHERE! And, captured for you today in two damning photos of Andy eating crunchies, they have cat table manners.

Aw, it looks like Andy's a good boy! He's eating crunchies at the cat feeder.

Aw, it looks like Andy’s a good boy! He’s eating crunchies at the cat feeder.

So far, so good. Then…

Yes, he takes one and crunches it down on the mat under the feeder, then it gets tracked on the carpet, where I grind it in with my feet!

Yes, he takes one and crunches it down on the mat under the feeder, then it gets tracked on the carpet, where I grind it in with my feet!

Good thing I have a pet-strength vacuum! I need it.

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    • Thanks, nothing like the quality of yours, which I recommend people reading this take a little time to check out on your blog, so I appreciate that!

      I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live before technology made cleaning less onerous. There were programs on American television a few years back, where families agreed to live in houses where everything after 1876 was banned. (They had to build the homes from scratch!) In another in London, the same standard was for everything after 1900 was banned. The youingest hated the food because he was used to fast food, and his happiest day in 1900 House was when he learned fish and chips existed in 1900 and he could have those!

      The families that agreed to live under these conditions for a period suffered fatigue, weight loss, depression, but gained in physical condition and self-assurance because they learned to adapt (mostly…there were some drop outs).

      Oh, and there was another program where they returned to 1620 or something like that in terms of technology, food, dress, etc. They lived in a simulation of the earliest days of colonization of America. That group of people definitely had issues!

      Women suffered the most in all these time-centric programs because they had to relearn things like washing clothes when “wash day” literally took a full day and lots of physical effort. Personal hygine in all those time frames was harder for the women, too. I remember the women were especially frustrated that they never could get things as clean as much as they wanted or for as long as they hoped. Just making meals took forever till they learned to cook \with wood fires and food that wasn’t conveniently pre-made.

      The funniest moment: The wife who was worried because her husband and young son were getting so thin. She thought they were starving, and was worried she was killing them because of her lack of skills preparing meals with 1876-style foods and tools . The doctor for the program (they did have access to modern health care) examined the husband and son and proclaimed them healthy as oxes. The extra physical effort of living in the time frame of 1876 resulted in improved muscular development and loss of weight. 🙂

    • I agree with the last part, and try to not freak out over the first! Ha! I am a terrible housekeeper because I always can think of things with higher priority. In this latest housekeeping binge, I had an embrarrassing unexpected visit before I got inspired to clean, and the visit forced the issue to the top of the priorities. (I’ve often felt hiring a cleaning service to visit once a month, at least, would be one way to get me motivated. I’d be one of those people who cleaned up the place before the cleaners came because I’d be embrarrassed for them to see how messy I am. LOL!)

      • unwanted visitors are great motivators lol
        I find cleaning cathartic. The harder the job, the more disorganized the place the better, it feels as if I am cleansing my soul. I normally think that I use cleaning to avoid doing some thing else, such as exercising.
        A once a month cleaner is probably a good idea, even if it is just for you to get motivated and clean before their arrival! 🙂

          • The way I work through housekeeping, there never is a time everything’s cleaned at once. I can vacuum the carpet, but there’s dust on the shelves, that sort of thing. Frankly, my health is a factor in how much I get done and when. I don’t have much endurance.

          • Thanks! I’ve adopted to my new reality, and am comfortable with the change. I won’t run footraces anymore, but then I never did when I was in excellent health either! (Reminds me of the man at the doctor’s asking if he’d be able to play the violin after his injury healed. The docotr says “Sure!” And the man replies, “Good, because I wasn’t able to play it before.” I think it’s an old vaudeville joke, it’s so corny.)

          • hahaha, it may be corny but it was effective – it made me smile!
            Happy are the ones that are able to adapt and embrace their new circumstances. As I age I am learning how to accept my limitations.
            So no more races for you and I! lol

          • How true. I used to laugh (with a little concern, mind you) when my late mother used to say something like, “I had a little tumble today…[long pause while she noticed the startled and concerned lookj on my face]…but don’t worry. I know how to fall!” And she did. She knew that when she felt herself going into a fall, she could minimize the damage by going limp. I do the same thing now.

          • Is it sad or is it comforting that we are becoming our parents?
            I too remember with amusement things that my mother still says, regarding her back pain for example: “it hurts in the morning but as I go about my day my body warms up and I am okay” Now it makes perfect sense as I live this!

          • I think I can top that: My father used to get frustrated because he sometimes couldn’t get his briefs or pants on right because he was stiff and sore. Specifically, a leg would go down the wrong side, then he’d have to start over. I thought this was funny until one day I was all stiff and sore, and I kept getting my leg in the wrong hole. Then it came to me how I’d laughed when my Dad complained about having problems getting his leg in the right hole. Not at him or so he could hear, mind you, but I laughed just the same! I still was stiff and sore. I still had my right leg in the left hole, and had the prospect of more pain untangling myself from the shorts so I could try again. Recalling Dad’s dilemma, though, I laughed, only this time at how time had turned me into my father, and how I now appreciated why he got so upset with himself when…! Yep! Nothing funny about getting your leg down the wrong hole!

          • hahaha you certainly won this one!
            well, I am laughing, but it is only funny until it starts happening to me
            I am happy to report that I am still putting the right leg in the right hole…who knows for how long…

          • When it does, I hope you can laugh, too! It’s an even stupider situation with knit shirts. I once went to church with my shirt inside out. Fortunately, I discovered it waiting for an early morning group I attended to start. We got a laugh out of it, I had time to stop by a bathroom between the group and the next activity, I reversed the shirt, and all was well.

          • lol all is well that ends well…
            I do that a lot, but I don’t blame age I blame my lack of attention to detail and how I need to do many things at the same time.
            realizing I am turning into my mother has helped me be less critical of her and also pay more attention to some of my attitudes!
            Wishing you a blessed weekend! May you always put the right leg in the right hole and may your shirt be with the right side out! 🙂

    • Three of four cats I’ve ever had agree with that statement, and the fourth one may have agreed with it but I had her such a short time I don’t recall her being neat or messy at eating.

  1. Oh my…hehe….we can be messy, for sure. I like to drop the crumbles on the mat to….they taste better that way. Shoko sticks her paw in the water and pulls out a pawful to drink….now that is messy…especially with the crumbles. Mom moved the water bowl to beside the bathroom sink…its not as wet but just as crunchy in the dining room.

    Kitty Kisses,


    • The boys aren’t messy drinkers, but their facial hair absorbs water like the proverbial sponge. They stop by the fountain for a refresher, then stop by me so I can get my fingers wet giving them the obligatory chin rub. LOL!

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