Post 363: Lauren choses the road less travelled.

I have a great-niece, a twin, who was a shy little thing as a child. She’s in her early 20’s now, hard as that is for me to believe!

Lauren made a decision. She is running for a seat on the rancheria council, something she feels she can do that will put her in a position to do good for her community. The council job she wants deals with difficult issues — lack of educational opportunities for the young, the impact of drugs on the community, poverty, to name three big ones.

She posted her political goals on Facebook yesterday, what she wants to focus on to build her community if she wins. It drew mostly positive comments from family and friends, of course, but, this being America in 2014, it drew a fierce negativity from a person who buys into the stereotypes that people like Congressman Paul Ryan perpetuate about those citizens Mitt Romney characterized as the “47% who are takers”.

Unfortunately, the negativity had a racial taint as well.

I reminded Lauren that such people will try to yell louder than you to drown your ideas out. They will say and do anything they can to demoralize and destroy your self-confidence. They will try to make you think you are inferior for being you while showing, through their ignorance, just the opposite is true.

Lauren admitted to this woman, honestly, she didn’t want to engage with her any more. The woman mocked her back. Lauren was being polite, but the woman was putting on her “nasty”, that unjustified claim of victory that comes of shouting down the other person. I told my great-niece the woman felt she won.

Fortunately, another poster, a well-educated man from Lauren’s community (I think) who has the power of knowledge behind his remarks, came to Lauren’s defense, adding in the details she didn’t have or, maybe, was too flustered by the woman’s nastiness to think to mention.

Lauren overcame a stutter, some shyness as a kid, a family tragedy when she was little to grow into a focused, committed person with solid family and community values. She does the things people her age do, of course, but she’s taking on this difficult challenge of giving back to her community through political action. She’s chosen the road less travelled.

Lauren’s victory will be to do the thing others say she can’t do, to stick to her values to do the things that support those values, to live in and for her community.

Post 359: Bow to your master!

This weekend, multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson called in the Republican Presidential hopefuls for a look-see. Which candidate looks like a winner? Which candidate will get the benefits of the millions of dollars he will spend to elect the “Anointed One”?

Multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson

Multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson

It’s all legal. Both parties do it. This is who decides the candidate-to-be to win the Presidency of the United States of America for you, the unwashed masses who can’t be that clever or you’d be multi-billionaires, too. Besides, you can’t buy what isn’t for sale: They aren’t victims, they are willing participants.

If invited, they came. If they came, they sucked up to the money bags arrayed before them. The more they smelled the money, the more they were Sheldon’s best buddy. Mr. Adelson? No, Sheldon! Bosom buddies, apologetic for transgressions– referring to the West Bank as being occupied in front of a gathering of Jewish folk…! Smelling those millions, and swooning effusively in front of the wonderful benefactor. Grovel! Bow before your master!

Did “Sheldon” secretly laugh at these seeming obsequious tools? Or did he honestly feel his money bags contribute to a lively and thriving democratic process in America? Does he feel his interests are best for this country? Or does he give a damn as long as he, the Gamblin’ Man, gets the House return of mega-millions for his millions bet on putting the “right” fellow– his fellow!– in the White House?

The process the Republicans used to “thin the herd” the last time, the entertaining and illuminating debates of the Republican hopefuls, was degrading to the participants by the end, though a credible possibility on the stage ultimately rose to the top. Of the lot, I personally liked best former Utah Governor and former Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr., for the depth of his experience in government and foreign affairs. He didn’t come off as conservative and anti-government enough for the Republican base. Too bad. I couldn’t related to the patrician Romney or his wife and her dancing horse. Must be my 47%-er mentality as a retiree who gets Social Security and Medicare benefits, who could apply for VA benefits. Yeah, the dancing horse isn’t the only one eating at the rich man’s trough, to believe the 2012 candidate and his running mate, Paul Ryan.

Gadsden flag

Gadsden flag

And you thought the Miss America and Miss Universe parades of young women in swimsuits and high heels were degrading to the participants! The “Adelson Primary”, as this command performance of the potential Republican candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America is characterized on the conservative “Morning Joe” program, makes me cringe.


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about a hearing, with some naughty words tossed in

God bless ’em, but the very same people who did everything they could to sabotage, delay, defund Obamacare, up to and including shutting down the US Government for 16 days, are now badgering the witness, Kathleen Sebelius. Predictably, the Democrats are sympathetic and the Republicans are antagonistic. What a waste!

Even as I type, some fat asshole’s badgering her, yelling at her, not letting her answer the question: “Yes or no?! BLAHBLAHBLAH!” for a question that can’t be answered in grunts and growls the Neanderthal Congressman can understand. Or truly wants to know an answer to.

I went through a 15 month period without health insurance because I couldn’t afford the crap policy I, as a person with a pre-existing condition, was able to buy through Nebraska Blue Cross Blue Shield. I say “crap” because the one thing I needed health care insurance for – the pre-existing condition, Wegener’s granulomatosis – wasn’t covered! Yet the crap policy cost me over $1000 a month. Ironically, I had to tell them what the disease was so they could overcharge me: it is so uncommon, it isn’t on their list of pre-existing conditions.

chart that stole christmas copy

I had the crap policy from August till December, and the only thing I got out of it was poorer. The graph shows you why.

I spent a lot of last fall in bed sick, but didn’t see a doctor because I was afraid he’d put me in the hospital, I was that sick. I was afraid I was in a Wegener’s granulomatosis flare because of some of the symptoms. Untreated, the disease kills; treated, it’s survivable, but at a huge cost if you don’t have insurance!

I didn’t feel I could risk depleting my retirement account to cover the costs if I had, indeed, a flare going. All I had to do, I rationalized through the fevers, was last till I was old enough to sign up for Medicare. My 65th birthday came along before I died, so my risky business worked out.

"Leaf me alone!"

“Leaf me alone!”

I now am on Medicare, but pissy about using it: I’d hate to be an blanking “taker”! You know, one of those 47% Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and their minions have such a hissy attack about last year, and the current crop of Republicans continue to fume about while they wipe out 24 billion dollars off the 3rd quarter GDP with a stupid, pointless, unproductive US Government shutdown in their war against health care for people who can’t afford health care in today’s money sick America.

I didn’t vote for Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan, or any Republicans in 2012. They want people like me dead, whether they consciously recognize it or not. Christians my ass, which they may kiss.