Post 862: a rare Dougy sighting photo…

The stealthy Dougy thought I didn’t notice him on top of Andy’s favorite perch, the blue carrier on the settee…! I had just enough time to snap off a shot of the miscreant before he made his escape.

Dougy violates Andy's space.

Dougy violates Andy’s space, sniffing around. Of course, more importantly, he leaves his stench for Andy for discover! 

Curses, Dougy! I shall get you in a sharp photo yet, both eyes wide open!

Dougy slips away...!

Dougy slips away…! Sasquatch is easier to photograph.

14 thoughts on “Post 862: a rare Dougy sighting photo…

  1. Hi Doug! I’m curious about the way Dougy escapes – I believe running like hell until he finds another safe place. My sister-in-law has a cat that literally disappears the whole day inside the house.

    • He moves very fast when he wants to avoid you! For the most part, though, Dougy is extremely social. He likes to spend as much time hanging out with me as he can. Andy generally is near by, too, though he is less social.

      • The cat I was telling you about is zero social with visitors! That is strange for me once my last cat Fellini, he was raised among dogs, was very friendly, he really looked like a dog in many ways, although he was quite independent! I whistled when I wanted him to come back home and he came back as fast as an arrow!

        • Cool! (Great cat name, incidentally…!) Dougy doesn’t dome running when I whistle, but he hops up on my bed when I pat it and tell him “You can do it, boy!” He likes to wrap his body around my arm, which is kind of sweet. He’s been like that since kittenhood.

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