Snow day

We have snow and cold today. Per tradition, I let the boys see the snow. They always are curious about it…. Dougy wants to get right in it; Andy wants to get right in it, but isn’t sure if he’s just kidding himself or what. (Seriously, Andy’s scared snotless by the great outside!)

weather 21 nov 2013

Dougy would run away if I let him outside. He’d follow his nose wherever it took him. That’s the bad news about Dougy, the reason I have to be very careful about knowing where he is when I hold the door open!

The snow gave me a chance to try out my new camera in extreme lighting, and it handles it pretty well for a little point-and-shoot camera! I think the video quality is great, too. The money was well spent!


I took a few stills of Dougy, too, before I decided a video’d be a good idea. All used flash, and none really appealed to me. This one of Dougy contemplating a little snow is about as good as it got. Frankly, I could get better stills by [Print Screen] off the video!

Dougy notices the snow by the door...

Dougy notices the snow by the door…

8 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. We bring snow inside and put it on towel on the floor for Ali. She has never been outside and I am afraid if she did get out she would disappear and never come back.
    One of the rules here in this apt. complex is inside companion kitties only and Ali is quite happy to be inside sitting in the window talking to the birds.
    Your boys have the sweetest faces and look like they are real characters.

    • That’s a good idea! They’ve experienced snow I’ve brought in on my shoes, but I hadn’t thought about handling it your way. I’ll give your approach a try. I think Dougy, especially, will find it good fun, but Andy may surprise me!

    • Thanks! They are very pretty creatures, I agree! I’d never seen cats that had that gray-to-black coloration before, and it’s beautiful to see in good light. In all other regards, they are very much cats!

  2. I’ve been skiving today, watching the new Jesse Ventura series – shocking – and animal vids:

    This one is my pick of the day:

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