1002 hits

One thousand and two times someone came to this blog. Out of curiosity. Out of familiarity with the eclectic, quirky style of the writer. Out of incredulity that anyone actually spent the time to get such odd results. Ha! Frankly I can’t imagine why 1002 hits registered on this blog when so few people even know it’s around!

Thank you, whoever you are. People who read it and tell me, an even bigger thanks to you!

The horned Moses, inspiration for my blog self-portrait, above!

This blog started as an experiment. It is meant to keep my mind engaged during my retirement years, to give my hands purpose. It works well toward those goals! But I didn’t realize it would be a documentation of the process rather than then process itself, which makes it- this blog – a happy surprise!

I have no idea what I will write about to take this blog to 2000 hits. If you are a faithful reader of this blog, I hope what I write till then is, for you, a happy surprise, too!

2 thoughts on “1002 hits

    • Thank you! I am a fan of your blog, too. I’ve done shoutouts before, and am waiting until Valentine’s Day, I think to expose the three reades of my blog to yours!

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