Post 1297: Hello? Hello?

The kitty boys can’t be interrupted when they start watching videos for kitties. They barely take time to blink their eyes!


It’s a start. Andy’s fine with waterbirds. (“Boring!”)

But he’s more interested in this Black-capped chickadee!

A spider! Now that’s something he really, really, really likes! He and Dougy catch and eat them when they show up in the house!


A cardinal! Andy practically drools! (Yes, he’s on Dougy’s ottoman!)


Woo hoo! He hasn’t ever seen any of these fellows in real life, but he thinks raccoons are fascinating, too!


Dougy showed up, so Andy had to give up the ottoman. Never mind! He still could enjoy the downy woodpecker from the recliner arm.


22 thoughts on “Post 1297: Hello? Hello?

  1. All these pictures that you’ve been showing the boys watching videos is hysterical. They seem so glued to the screen! Like kids and their smart phones!!

  2. Love those 🐱 cats! I watch a reality show about a Swedish farmer and his wife. One of their cats ate one duckling every day until they discovered it was him who did it.

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