A Lithuanian Internet friend, Aleksandra, posted this video in one of her booths. I don’t believe in coincidences, as a Christian, and this message came to me at just the right time to affect me positively.

Watch it. It is a 17 minute lesson in how to live in a civilized world, you know, living the Golden Rule! [For those disinclined to be “churchy”, this doesn’t prosyletize. You won’t get Jesus cooties, for example, if you follow another faith or none at all as the message is universal enough that it can be viewed through many eyes.]

Did I mention to you that I admire your perseverance in watching this video, and I know you will go out into the world and shine your light on all you meet? I love you. You are a good and decent person!

9 thoughts on “validation

  1. Oh my WeggeBoy, I JUST got all your “Likes”…jeez too nice. And your words of praise are too nice too. At one point I had a least one ditty per kitty but with over 20 now; most semi-feral, can’t be petted, not neutered, some unnamed and most I can’t tell apart from others marked like them…i’ve turned into a catz hoarder and catz poemz are far less frequent. However, I think you missed on of my pages and it always gives me a giggle….soooo please click:


    • Yeah, that was a fun one! I hope others reading my blog try yours out because it is lots of fun, especially for people who want lots of kitty-related material in their day!

      I try for some gentle humor (like people will find in yours) in mine because I’ve had people comment that that’s one thing they like in these icky times.
      Doug (the human one)

    • Wow! I had to go back to the source to find out what you were commenting on. I should do it myself – that was a fantastic video! I hope you are just randomly sampling my blog because there are quite a few postings from 2011, when I posted “validation”.

      • Just randomly sampling. Since I’m new to you and your boyz…I want a sense of your history besides I just go back and pick a month at random from my own blog now and then; just to remember where I was and what I have been and why I am. Mine is like a journal and a scrap book and my personal history all rolled into one. I’m guessing most of our blogs are like that. ~~dru~~

        • Somewhat, yeah! The earliest posts, before I got a cat, then cats for retirement companions, were a bit dreary and unfocused. Things really started to come together when I stumbled on the theme “surviving retirement with two cats”.

          I often go back to postings that pop up at the bottom of the current post. I see the photo (usually of one or the other cat), and check out what the little rascals were doing in earlier times.

          Incidentally, I typically sign on to blogs by new people to mine, and I’ve enjoyed reading yours randomly. In fact, I think I will do some more looks at yours since I’m caught up on things for a change.

          • I know I got onto your blog thru posting one of my pieces on Jason’s OM share a post threads. I’ve never had many followers or for that matter followed others much. This could become a full-time job so with you followings I’m surprised you have time.

            My post started as a way to vent and post my catz ditties but has changed some over the many years. I of course was attracted to your blog by the picture of the boyz when they waz young! ~~dru~~ (the boyz can call me auntie dru, since most kids doez)…..giggle…..

          • I think I was mistaken about viewing your post, but I now can say – legitimately and with full confidence! – that I just came back from your blog, and I love, love, love your ditties! Lots of fun, dru, and I shall look forward to reading more in future! I love the whimsical and keenly observed quality of them. Anyone with cats will recognize their cats in them!

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