24 thoughts on “Post 1122: an odd feeling in the air…

    • Oh, yeah! I round Andy and Dougy up, ask them over and over, “You want kitty food???” to get them wound up a little, then they follow me into the kitchen for their kitty food. It’s an event!

    • I do, too, though I had to redo yesterday’s post on the dialysis process I go through because WordPress deleted two of three photos after i posted it. I have k=no idea what happened, but I sent an angry email off to WordPress.

        • I’m having a lot of problems with WordPress today – still – and am nearly over the brink. Quitting this blog is looking more likely than not. I don’t need stress and negativity in my life.

          • Sure. I’m still hanging on, but this upload issue is ruining my positive attitude. It isn’t worth it to me to do something that causes this much stress. It’s unhealthy.

          • After four hours from hell, the photos finally loaded, so I was able to post a new post for today, Post 1123. Then it wasn’t the way I wanted it, so I re-edited the text to get what I wanted. Don’t think I wasn’t concerned I’d lose what I struggled to get! Fortunately, it worked.

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