Post 1387: old buddies write…


What a wonderful post card! Ms. Zulu (on the left) and Benji are well known to Andy and Dougy because the four did interviews with each other, and found that dogs are nice and so are cats! They became friends and are now old buddies. (Check out these interview links if you’ve not read them.) If only people came together the way these four did….


It did indeed put a smile on our mugs! Don’t the “woofies” look like they are enjoying a great time in the Pine Cone Forest? You know they are! 


66 thoughts on “Post 1387: old buddies write…

  1. Postcards, nowadays, are even more lovely than before, because emails are taking their place. But the feeling to have a postcard from friends in your hand beets all pc messages.
    My cat Kosmo have made friends with these great dogs, and they have no problems to understand each others.

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    • I hadn’t tried getting postcards from Zazzle, but your card reminded me that they can do that! I like the fact that both Ms. Zulu and Benji look so well-behaved in the pose, and they are! I may have a bit more of a problem getting my kitty boys to look regal as Persians!

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      • I had wanted to get semi-gloss but had forgotten that you need to choose that option. I was too impatient to order it again… I believe that Benji was 39 weeks on the photo. This has been my screensaver ever since because I like how the light plays with their hair. Try treats to get the boys in line 🙂


      • I click my tongue and they give me a moment of attention. After that, it’s a matter of shutter speed on the smart phone camera. I miss lots of great shots because it is slower, of course, in low light, for example.

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