Post 1954: Dougy’s eye…

Dougy periodically has a relapse of feline herpes, with a side effect of conjunctivitis, and that’s what I learned at Dr. Dave’s clinic yesterday. I dread the days till January 14th, his next veterinarian’s appointment date, because Dougy is not a good patient, unlike his brother Andy.

I think I’ll have to go to a bath towel to wrap Dougy. I use a smaller one with Andy, and Dougy fought his way out of that one two, three times when I tried to get the medicine in his eyes. Fortunately, I eventually succeeded and his eye is more open than it was. (One medication is a lubricant – “corneal repair gel”, that smaller of the two bottles, and it seems to be quick help. It doesn’t look like a gel going in, though.)

Andy hasn’t had this. I think Dougy must have been exposed during the week I had Andy at home and Dougy was still with his mommy at the clinic. They’ve been vaccinated for it, but I’ll ask Dr. Dave the 14th if either has had a follow-up shot. I know they got two shots In October, one for rabies.

Dougy is a forgiving kitty, fortunately, and our tussle to give him his eye drops hasn’t made him too upset to hang out with me, the way he always does.

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  1. I don’t know why they call that stuff eye gel.I use something similar because my eyes are extremely dry, and it doesn’t seem to be any thicker than the regular drops

  2. Mom says I’m do for that shot, but she’s been holding off until my allergy symptoms ease up a bit. I no longer get the rabie shot, ’cause the last time I got it I got real sick. We Persian kitties are sensitive. Hugs.

    • That’s a fact, kitty girl! I’m sorry you had a reaction. That had to have been very frightening for you and you humans. If you aren’t outside hanging with rabid raccoons and dogs, you should be safe without the shot. I’m sure your veterinarian wants you to be healthy BUT safe from nasty reactions to medication!

    • Yes, once before several years ago. Fortunately, he responds well to treatment, which consists of an antiviral eye drop and a corneal repair eye drop. He seems to like the sensation of the drops, perhaps something on the order of instant relief, I wonder? Anyway, the little darling gets up on his ottoman, I pluck him off it, talk calmly to him, wrap him in the towel, talk softly to him while I put the drops in his eye, tell him what a good kitty he is – and he, surprisingly has been – rub his head and ears for reward purposes, let him down. He hops on the ottoman and I brush him. I didn’t know the towel trick ( swaddling him to immobilize those claws!) the first time I had to give him eye drops, and I think a lot of the medication ended up anywhere but his eye. It was his other eye the last time. I take him back to see Dr. David next Monday, the 14th, for evaluation of the eye. We’ll know then if I need to continue the drops or not.

  3. I’m sorry I missed this post, and even sorrier that poor Dougy is going through this. You might want to ask the vet if he can do a titer to see if Andy is still protected from the last herpes vaccination before going straight to the shot. That way you will know if he is still protected, and won’t be lowering his immediate immunity to the virus, especially with Dougy having a flare up.

    • Me, too! He was pretty good about acceptiung treatment this morning. He hates being put on his back, and the ideal position for putting in the eye drops is right at the edge of what he considers “on my back”. He fights it.

  4. I didn’t know about herpes in cats until your post. Now I’m concerned my cat might pick it up while I board her at the vet’s. Thank you for writing about it, though I feel bad for Dougy. Hope his eye gets better soon!

    • He’s shown improvement after three doses of both medications, and acts like he feels better, too.

      As for the link, I feel it is a good idea to share good and bad experiences with the kitty boys, since I learn things I need to know from other blogs and hope my posts help, too.

  5. Untreated herpes infections in the eye was the reason my two gray cats lost an eye. This all happened before they came to live here but I keep “an eye” on their good eyes and they haven’t had any issues since. Good luck to you and here’s hoping that all will be well.

    • Yes, that’s a real possibility for an untreated infection or one treated too late. Dougy’s prognosis is favorable so far. It isn’t the first time he’s had this happen.

      • I wish they had caught my cats’ infections earlier but one was a stray on the streets and the other was in a hoarding situation where 8 or so cats lost an eye from it. Neither one have any problems now though. Hugs to Dougy although he may not want one.

        • Dougy accepts hugs and scritches! Yes, his eye is looking like it’s on the mend, though he fights the drops. Fortunately, I’ver been able to get the full dose for both in his eyes, per doctor’s orders.

  6. Doug, I’m so very sorry to hear that Dougy isn’t a good patient. We initially thought Katsu’s eye problem was herpes, but it was a mis-diagnosis – his lens had been damaged very young, possibly even before the eyes were actually open. The only good news about him having the issue for virtually his entire life is that he thinks eyedrops are normal, so doesn’t fight – he’ll even com when you say ‘drop time’, then turn his head up. Do wish Dougy and Andy were better patients for you.

    • Dougy’s still fighting them, but his eye looks much improved. I’m hoping he starts to associate the lessened pain/discomfort with the driops and starts being a good patientQ! Andy is a snap compared with his brother!

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