Post 667: black cats return today…

Andy and Dougy are back today, with a little drama. Andy worked it out, though, and Dougy probably didn’t even notice anything was wrong. That’s how Dougy is.

"La-la-la! Nothing doing, doing nothing...!"

“La-la-la! Nothing doing, doing nothing…!”

"Whatcha doin', Douglas? Nothin'?" ""Hey! You scat ,cat! This is my door! Mine!"

“Whatcha doin’, Douglas? Nothin’?”
“”Hey! You scat, cat! This is my door! Mine! Mind your own beeswax!”

"Mugger~mugger~mugger! That dang Dougy can just have that door! I'll take the other one! AND the litter box!"

“What a naughty kitty! That dang Dougy can have that door! I’ll just take the other one! AND the litter box!”

"Grrr! This is what I'll do to Dougy if he comes over here!"

“Grrr! This is what I’ll do to Dougy if he comes over here!

"Now I feel better! Nothing like a good scratching to deal with naughty brothers!

“Now I feel better! Nothing like a good scratching to deal with naughty brothers!”

"Mine! All mine!" Andy works it out!

“Mine! All mine!”
Andy works it out!


Today is a special day in my life. I usually forget which date in January I retired, so I googled “January 2009”. Turns out it was January 30, 2009. Woohoo! I haven’t looked back! Never! Nev-air! NEV-air! NEV! AIR! Mwahahahaha!

Hmm. January 30, 2015 is a Friday, too!

Hmm. January 30, 2015 is a Friday, too!

49 thoughts on “Post 667: black cats return today…

  1. It took me a while to adjust to retirement and I wondered who I would fill my time. Now there is not enough hour int he day to do everything that I want to do or that needs to be done.
    I retired in 1997 when the Bald Dude had his first stroke and begin having heart problems that affected his schizo affective disorder. Have not regretted it at all.
    You and the boys have a good week end and happy retirement anniversry.

    • I was fortunate in that I stepped right into retirement without effort. The people where I work gave me a book (among other things) on how to live in retirement, and I have yet to open it because, well, I’m doing it and I’m doing it successfully!

  2. I can’t imagine the day you have already reached! I believe those guys in the gov would be happier if I die first! Cuts, taxes and the retirement age is rising – there’s no way I’ ll get through this! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks! I hope you like what you do, then…!

      To be honest with you, I didn’t think I could retire before I hit the retirement age when my Social Security kicked in, age 65. When I retired a bit more than four years early, I thought I might be crazy, though I was ready to call it quits.

      My expenses are a lot less than they were when I was working and I have practically everything I need. I think some part of retiring is accepting a less extravagant lifestyle (though I never had one that was that extravagant before!) and making some effort to save and invest as much as I could while I was working.

      I realize Portugal has been going through economic hell the past few years, along with some of the other EU countries like Spain and Greece, so I also realize I may be overly optimistic for you. Hope not. Retirement is a wonderful reward for surviving the workplace.

      • Good morning, Doug! Let me just tell you the concept behind the government policy towards retirement : retirement is an unbearable burden we have to pay monthly to people that worked part of their lives trying to earn as much as they could doing absolutely nothing … Hope you have a great weekend!

    • They thank you, and I do,too! I removed a mat from Dougy’s right front armpit this morning, but I think I can keep up with this problem with brushing. The more I see of full-haired Persians, the more I think I need to go that direction with the boys!

    • Ha! Ha! Reminds me of what my tax accountant told me the year before I retired: “You will never be healthier the rest of your life than the next few years. I recommend you take your retirement, spend it doing everything you want to do, buy new cars, travel, spend all your money, then let the government take care of you.” Then she said she wasn’t serious, but that still was probably the best thing to do.

      I’ve found that no matter how much money you save up and have in decent investments, you probably could have set aside more than you did.

      In my case, I make about half of what I was making a year, but, because of how much I diverted into investments and savings, I actually net about the same amount, with enough left over to set aside for surprise expenses or re-investment. I’d like to say that was my plan, but I’m not that clever!

      • I returned shortly before I turned 61, a full four to five years years earlier than I expected. Though I had some health insurance issues till I turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare, I haven’t really had any regrets. In fact, I’m glad I did it!

        The main thing is try to put as much money into savings and investments as possible till you retire. I don’t know what kind of retirement plans you have there, but you can probably talk with an investment adviser to get some guidelines on how much and where to put your moneys. I was putting in something like 15% of my income toward the end, but started out at about half that rate back in the 1980s.

        • I hope I will be entitled to getting a good state pension – state now – and have an additional insurance. No investments, very small savings for a pension plan. I am very risk-averse since I do not have large savings and cannot afford losses.

          • For reasons I can’t fathom, I managed to set aside a nice chunk. Probably because I didn’t have children so didn’t pay to send children through college or buy a house. I’d like to think it’s because I’m clever, but I think it’s more because I’m lucky.

    • I always told myself that as long as I enjoyed the work and the reports I prepared helped improve scrap numbers and product quality, I wanted to stuck around. It was a point where I no longer enjoyed my work, I had questions about whether my work actually got used to make quality decisions, and they asked me if I’d consider taking early retirement. (“We’re not telling you we want you to leave, just that would you consider taking early retirement…!?”) I try to keep my language clean or use euphemisms in this blog because I know actual decent people read it, but this is one place where I feel — with a little forewarning! — a specific word is appropriate: I thought, “Well, fuck it! I’m tired of this job, I have no evidence the managers and supervisors ever open the scrap analysis files I work on, and I’m sick of tearing down customer return anhydrous ammonia and LPG hoses to evaluate for cause of failure. I can’t afford it, but I’m going to do it anyway!” For the full story, and more, you can go to the “who I am” page.

      • When my place re-organized there 4 ‘leaders’ for the building – but our building would now only have 3. I knew immediately what that meant – no one believed me when I said it was me. It was only logical! I was the oldest of the 4; the highest paid; had the most vacation and benefits and was the closeest to retirement – give me a break – I’m surprised they didn’t get a handcart and wheel me out!! I waited patiently for them to come right out and tell me – I went out the door 2 weeks later with a package deal and a big smile!!!!!

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