Louie the ginger tabby cat

I guess everyone has a favorite pet, now defunct. I mean, Andy and Dougy are dear to my heart. Yes, I congratulate myself for accepting them as gifts when they were kittens, but there is one cat before them that was something else: Louie the ginger tabby cat!

Before he died suddenly on 1 August 2011, I compiled photos into an adventure for a friend’s son and daughter, both pre-schoolers at the time. It has a moral, since it’s for kids. The story has some sloppy spots when I look at it again, but it still has some charm. More importantly, it reminds me how much I miss Louie, a goofy, fun cat that actually was the second cat I rescued at the time from the animal pound. The first one was in my life briefly. (Freckles the gray tabby, died after being spayed.) Louie was meant to be a companion to Freckles, but turned out to be the main cat, the only cat until I got Andy and Dougy.

So, here it is. A cat tale with a moral and a Jazz soundtrack, because Louie was named after Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong:

I hope you enjoyed the video, which was created from a PowerPoint file, something I couldn’t do when I made the story in 2011. I hope it also shows how a cat rescued from an animal shelter hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized became a good companion to some old, retired guy, who learned most of what he knows about cats from this loveable lump!