My Persian cats, Andy and Dougy, play well together. Many activities they do together without conflict.

..or this favorite activity:

They can get territorial with each other when one wants something the other brother has. “It” can be a place or thing.

A magazine dropped by the side of my recliner becomes a cat home base. One of the boys plops down on the magazine, then chases the other away if he tries to get near it.

An ottoman in front of the glider never gets used to rest my feet because one or the other cat claims it first. It is from this perch that the floor-bound cat gets harassed with fierce claws when he walks by. This territory always is in dispute!

There is a pet stroller that always seems to have a cat resting on top of it, ready to defend his rights to this favorite perch. Dougy especially likes to play feather toy games while on top of this stroller.

Sharing such a happy place is difficult for Dougy! Why, he’d no sooner let Andy rest in his tub or tote than share the stroller. Fortunately for Andy, Dougy isn’t omnipresent!

Yesterday, I weeded out a clump of grass from my mint patch. It had such a well-developed root system, I decided to pot it up and bring it inside for the boys. The next video shows you how that went!

Andy is a cautious adopter. Today he decided to try the grass out. He tasted it and played with the same seed head Dougy played with in the video above. It is such a big hit, I plan to pot up more grass so they have enough on hand for the year. The grass I’ve grown from seed never went over this well with the boys. I have no sense why not! You know cats.