Louie the ginger tabby cat

I guess everyone has a favorite pet, now defunct. I mean, Andy and Dougy are dear to my heart. Yes, I congratulate myself for accepting them as gifts when they were kittens, but there is one cat before them that was something else: Louie the ginger tabby cat!

Before he died suddenly on 1 August 2011, I compiled photos into an adventure for a friend’s son and daughter, both pre-schoolers at the time. It has a moral, since it’s for kids. The story has some sloppy spots when I look at it again, but it still has some charm. More importantly, it reminds me how much I miss Louie, a goofy, fun cat that actually was the second cat I rescued at the time from the animal pound. The first one was in my life briefly. (Freckles the gray tabby, died after being spayed.) Louie was meant to be a companion to Freckles, but turned out to be the main cat, the only cat until I got Andy and Dougy.

So, here it is. A cat tale with a moral and a Jazz soundtrack, because Louie was named after Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong:

I hope you enjoyed the video, which was created from a PowerPoint file, something I couldn’t do when I made the story in 2011. I hope it also shows how a cat rescued from an animal shelter hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized became a good companion to some old, retired guy, who learned most of what he knows about cats from this loveable lump!

6 thoughts on “Louie the ginger tabby cat

  1. Yes, I remember you! Are you still working toward becoming a chartered accountant? Or, maybe I should ask if you have completed the tests yet. I remember the rabbits, of course, and your cat. I am on facebook, but haven’t found anything I like as well as dailybooth, which was nicely organized and user friendly compared with other places. I’m pleased you “located” me again! It seems you faded out toward the end of dailybooth, probably because of the demands of preparing for your tests!

    This is a link to me on facebook

    This is my youtube channel address

    • how are u doing? how are Andy & Dougy? my cat recently died, it was a sad time, today when i was going through her pics i remembered your Louie, so how’s life? snow storms? etc

      • Qasim, I’m sorry to learn about your cat. Louie died two and a half years ago, but I still miss the big guy: Louie was a fantastic cat! I know you will miss your cat for a long time simply because each life – human or creature – has its own uniqueness and value, and one comes to appreciate that in one’s animal companions. One misses that uniqueness and value when it is gone: That is why I am glad I have lots of videos and photos of my various cats! (Well, and family and friends, too…! LOL!)

        Andy and Dougy still are with me. If you go up to the right hand column and look for archives, you can pull up my recent blogs, all of which answer parts of different questions. Plus, you can watch some new videos of snow, Andy and Dougy, and learn about the recent development: Andy has a heart murmur, and has to be on medication, possibly for life.

        I hope you’ve finished your chartered accountant tests by now and are working in your chosen field! I have vast respect for people who love their maths and make a living with numbers! People think numbers are dull so often, but I love what they can reveal about processes, the world, oneself (because it takes imagination to know how to use them effectively, and that reveals a lot about you).

  2. Hi, i googled “phainopepla95” im glad i found your blog, i came to know u a little on Dailybooth, i was qasim2532 there (i had rabbits and a cat) i was just sitting today preparing for my exams and i saw a cat in my front yard throught the window which looked like your Cat and i thought i should see if u were still out there, i remember u were from Nebraska i guess, so are u on any social networking place? Like dailybooth?

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