I took a short quiz to determine how addicted I am to Facebook. Not much!

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal

It just doesn’t trip my trigger, tickle my fancy, make much sense to me. But lots of family and friends use it, so I visit it a bit more now than when I first signed up for it.

The defunct dailybooth was my poison. I really liked it, but the management never managed to figure out how to monetize it. At least I think that was the deal. It went out of business at the end of November 2012, freeing up tons of time for me to do other things!

2 thoughts on “facebook

  1. I’m not on Facebook. I haven’t been since 2011 I think. So many reasons compel me not to be there. And now I know you and Dougy and Andy aren’t there so I’m sure we all not missing a thing! 😺😸😻😼

    • I am, in fact, on Facebook, but what you’d se there is pretty much my blog. About a quarter of those following this blog are on Facebook but not on WordPress, so I don’ feel I can end that association. (Though I find it ridiculously irresponsible about what they allow posted on it.)

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