Ugh! Try to make sense of it!

chart that stole christmas copy

I tried to figure out how I could afford insurance and have enough money for food, clothes, rent, and other expenses in 2010, my worst year and the year I created this chart. I wanted to help those used to something from me (even a card) on Christmas to understand my finances were in crisis, thanks to health insurance that nearly cost half my income per month, and that that’s why Christmas was thin that year! This chart made it clear, instantly, that I couldn’t afford healthcare in the United States of America.


The median US household income took a nose dive after the recession. I filled a spot below that median income as a retiree. Way below! That year, 2010, I didn’t observe Christmas; I didn’t feel like it, I couldn’t afford it at any rate. I was not unique in the United States of America.

The US Congress during this time – what’s the technical term?? – “f’ed” America with their political agenda to make sure Barack Obama would be a one term president. You know how that turned out. Congress, however, still acts like it didn’t get the news about the election of 2012. I call that denial the “Rove Effect”.

There is an inscription, you know, carved in stone, above the Nebraska State Capitol main entrance:

"The Salvation of the State is Watchfulness in the Citizen" ~ Hey, it's carved in stone!

“The Salvation of the State is Watchfulness in the Citizen” ~ Hey, it’s carved in stone!

As a person impacted heavily by the jokers in Washington, I take those words seriously. I write those people representing me in Congress. I support candidates with votes and what small sum of money I can afford. I keep up with the news. Yet I don’t feel anything makes a difference when I see the circus in Washington sees obstructionism as their legacy, damn meals for seniors and children, damn affordable healthcare for all Americans, damn investment in education and infrastructure (i.e. the future!), damn blue state Hurricane Sandy victims while holding out a hand for the Federal funds when your red state suffers a calamity, damn everyone but themselves apparently. They stick to their guns, too, but that’s another rant.

I say “apparently” because they have automatic pay increases unless they vote against it. That way they can “honestly” tell you and me, “I didn’t vote for a pay increase”! No wonder I feel cynical about government in this country, though I hold out in favor of it on the chance time will end the horror of a Congress run amok.

While millions of Americans suffer along, guess who’s seen a nice increase in their salaries? The President? No, the President’s salary in 2002 was $400,000, and it still is $400,000.

Oh! Oh! Nice chunk of cash for doing damn little good...

Oh! Oh! Nice chunk of cash for doing damn little good…

I haven’t even touched this topic. Even the broadest of looks at it doesn’t make much sense. Looking at it too closely probably would just make me sick. Ugh! Try to make sense of it!

10 thoughts on “Ugh! Try to make sense of it!

  1. I’m really glad you posted about this. It’s a shame that in the Greatest Country In The World, you can’t get sick. It makes me sick just thinking about it! Furthermore, like him or loathe him, you have to admit that Congress bucks our President at every turn, I believe, at the expense of the People. I fully believe that the office of President should be respected, whether or not you like the suit who’s in it. I don’t think Congress gets that!

    • I’m the same way. I happen to have a positive view of President Obama and what he’s trying to get done.

      Even those Presidents I didn’t particularly care for, though, I can’t imagine treating with so little respect as the Rush Limbaughs and that ilk treat this President. I find the vile ad hominem attacks on him repugnant and unwarranted.

      I used to be a registered Republican, but the bizarre behavior of that side of the Congress since Obama won the Presidency just doesn’t match my view of how this country should work.

      “The company you keep…!” Bullies and character assassins aren’t people I wish to be be associated with. I know there are good and decent people within that party, but they need to reclaim the party before the extreme elements drive off more people like me. I mean, how many new “old white males” (the demographic I, unfortunately, fit these days!) are popping up to replace those who leave the party. I note I vote every time there is an election, but it hasn’t been for any Republicans lately.

      • Don’t tell Mom I told you but…she disliked the Bushes 1 & 2. And she thinks the GOP-ers are so rich they are out of touch with America. Lincoln wouldn’t know his party. You are 100% correct about the Rush Limbaughs in the broadcast arena. “Hate media”, coupled with the fact that there is so much social media to sound off in…not that social media is bad, but you know, sometimes too much of a good thing! The negativism is everywhere! Woof!

      • I try not to indulge in “Schadenfreude”, but I rather enjoyed the irony of the Republican candidate who categorized 47% of Americans as takers having a final percentage of 47% of the cast votes in 2012.

        That particular remark didn’t help me make my decision as to which candidate to vote for, but it certainly assured me that the decision I’d made was correct. I didn’t particularly like the fellow running with him either.

        I was lukewarm on the Bushes, but liked their First Ladies, especially Barbara Bush.

  2. I want to know how anyone can afford it. They say it will not affect medicare but every thing affects medicare.
    Amazing how those who have figure they need to squeeze more out of those who don’t have.

    • I wonder how they stay in office. Oh! Special interest groups and people with big bucks who want to keep their money and acquire more! Our whore Congress is how I see them. Unfortunately, I don’t see any change for the better is on the way soon. If the 112th Congress was the “do nothing Congress”, the 113th is the “how the hell can they do any less than the 112th, yet they do Congress”.

  3. Have you seen the chart put out for the minimum wage earners where it is suggested they get second jobs? I think maybe it was McDonalds and Visa who put it out. By the way I like your blog and have “followed” you. Good job!

    • Thanks for the follow! This isn’t my usual fare. I hope you can handle another cat blog, heavily seasoned with cat videos! I don’t think I have seen that chart. Is it related to that budget McDonald’s put out to show its employees how they might manage their income? Seems that one showed a need for a second job.

      I watched today’s speech from Chatanooga (at, and was cheered on one hand, and depressed on the other because I don’t think the Republicans of the extreme right truly intend to work for this country’s best interests if it means working with the President. Sick.

      • I just happen to love cats!

        My first cat – – “Footsie” and I used to bunk together when I was a seven-year-old child.

        Footsie was a gigantic gray Siamese and something else mixture and I called him “Footsie” because of his outsized back feet.

      • Good! I generally feel more comfortable sharing cats than opinions. (The Republican response to today’s speech by the President was…predictable. One day, they will wake up and find no one sees their relevance. I hope it’s soon.)

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