recycle day

I’m in a foul mood today, so I’m recycling something I posted on Facebook yesterday:

I have no shame: I recycled this image I earlier characterized as a "FAIL"....

I have no shame: I recycled this image I earlier characterized as a “FAIL”….

Andy’s “mood” in the photo has everything to do with a camera flashing in his kitty face.

Mine is related to the jokers in Washington. As William Gibbs McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury under Woodrow Wilson, said, “It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.” You may think I’m ignorant; I may think you are. It’s too late to talk about it.

History can settle which parties are responsible. When Congress flushes the toilet by their irresponsible handling of this manufactured crisis, the country goes down the drain. That’s what matters. No one wins: Small gains, major consequences, a Pyrrhic victory.

That’s why I’m in a foul mood today.

10 thoughts on “recycle day

  1. Some of them do care about the people and the country, but many just care about themselves. I know it doesn’t seem very nice, but if you just think of them as piggies at the trough, you’ll understand them better and won’t be so angry with them. They’re just doing what piggies do. Sadly they don’t understand anything better.

    • I am a letter writer. I vote for the people who best match my sense of how the city, county, state, or nation should go. I don’t have billions of dollars, so I know my opinion likely will be drowned out by those who do: I am a realist in that regard.

      On the other hand, though I have no problem writing anyone in government about any topic related to stewardship of their part of government. I, frankly, don’t think there is any point to it now when there are anarchists in one party who aren’t honorable people, who work only to bring down the country and to build up themselves.

      Sic semper tyrannis: they will meet their end sometime. I envision an unruly mob hanging them by their feet, ala the end of Mussolini, after they have been beaten to a pulp and tortured, but more likely it will be a simple vote that tosses them out of government after they destroy the country.

  2. Sorry to hear you are in such a mood… If you would have a dog I would urge you to take the dog for a walk. On second thought you can always take one of your cats. The only difference being that the cat would take you for a walk.

    • Petting a cat reduces blood pressure, too! I feel better this afternoon, but I will be sending my Congressman a strong message. If he contributes to a default, he may as well never return to Nebraska. I think even the extremists in his party will have a different song once they feel the effects of their party’s seditious behavior.

    • I immediately saw “Petunia in an onion patch”, a lovely smoke Persian, which is what my two boys are! Yeah, it’s a good dosage of cats, i.e. LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of cats! Thanks! I

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