Andy was a baby once…

I sometimes forget just how small Andy and Dougy were when I first adopted them. This photo is of Andy at 2-1/2 months old.

andy's spot

Gad, he was a sweety! It looks like he was a wiggleworm, too, because the photo is in focus, if the kitten isn’t quite.

7 thoughts on “Andy was a baby once…

    • His first week here, He slept on a pillow next to me. Hwe was a sick little guy, so vulnerable and small. Seems he and his litter mates caught a grasshopper that was infected with an amoebic parasite, and they all had diarrhea and medical needs. It took from September to mid-December and three separate stays at the veterinarian’s before he and his brother Dougy were well again. No free cats: Veterinarian bills mounted up to ca. US$1400 (that’s $1.98 Canadian, now that your dollar is stronger than the US dollar! Ha!)

      Here’s Andy and 3-1/2 months. Dougy briefly appears (but not too clearly…)

      And early kitten war between Andy and Dougy:

      • Our dollar is better the American? Wow, I missed that.
        Poor cats (and you, what with worry and all) … My latest cat, Rufus, was also afflicted with the runs, but thank goodness, was taken care with just a change of diet.
        I do love it when you post pics or video of them.

      • Yeah. Today’s quote is CAN$1.00 has the purchasing power of US$1.045! Makes you wonder why merchandise (magazines, for example) sold in both countries shows a higher price for Canada. I can remember when the Canadian dollar was worth about $.20 less than a US dollar, and how it typically exchanged in the high $.90s to a US$1, one reason no one here wanted to get Canadian money in change. Now, Americans line up at the border to beg for Canadian dollars and a pint of whiskey to keep warm. I almost joke there!

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