snow’s on the way…

Today is what I think of as a gift of time. Weather coming in will bring all outside activity to a halt, and the best strategy is read a book while wrapped in a robe or comforter while scrunched up in a comfortable chair. I feel a purr coming on!

I could write on, but there’s a pile of books and magazines beckoning me by the most comfortable chair in my home. Yeah, and a cosy comforter to snuggle in while I read. And a small cat staring at me, thinking “You and what army are going to move me from my chair!?”

S’long for the rest of the day! I’ll run a security scan on my computer, and let it turn itself off. It’ll be like a vacation!

Here’s an old video of Andy walking by his favorite chair, the one I’m about to take over:

4 thoughts on “snow’s on the way…

    • That’s Andy! His brother is a big galoot, but Andy’s subtle, a bit witty, and very much his own cat! I like the way he always eyeballs me as he walks by: “Stop me, fool, and I’ll deal with you severely!” He’s actually a very sweet cat when you play by his rule book.

    • I’m still waiting…! It rained a little, but it’s only -3 C out, the day’s not over, and I (at least) got some reading and a little (reading-related) nap in. It’s been a perfect day!

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