Post 1565: kitty boys agree that Thanksgiving is for the birds!

It’s been awhile since the kitty boys and I watched videos for kitties. A birdie video seems appropriate for the day, and the kitty boys are instantly interested. 


Andy always gets pretty wound up and attacks the laptop! LOL! (“Where’d that dang birdie go?!)


Andy takes a new post, so I have to realign the laptop so both kitty boys can see the screen again. Of course…


…Andy attacks the laptop again! This goes on as long as we watch kitty videos.  


(Incidentally, we hope you have a tasty Thanksgiving bird of your own!)

54 thoughts on “Post 1565: kitty boys agree that Thanksgiving is for the birds!

    • Dougy looks behind the screen to try to find the birds that flew off the screen, and Andy pounces on the screen! I like to give the kitty boys enriching experiences, and the cat videos seem to be a big hit!

    • The kitty boys are football virgins since I find it difficult to commit to that many hours watching a game. On the other hand, the find soccer fascinating, and car races, too! Hope you are yours had a wonder Thanksgiving, too, Greg!

  1. Potato soup sounds good to me. I dropped the turkey a couple of years ago. I like dark meat and all the turkeys were so huge I wound up eating white meat for far too long. Even with some of the cats helping it seemed endless. Godd company is they key anyway and you have the boys. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • You are right about that! I would be eating turkey for a very long time if I fixed it since it’s just the kitty boys and me here. They like their turkey in pate form. I like mine in any form possible!

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