19Nov20: Little reciprocity…Andy’s lovin’ me today!

Andy has a notion…

…to visit me to give me…

a little lovin’ today! (Andy speaks briefly in Cattinese. See if you can translate!)

Well, the pillow on my lap gets a little lovin’, but that’s close enough!

That was brief. Andy has very important touch up to do on his precious.

19 thoughts on “19Nov20: Little reciprocity…Andy’s lovin’ me today!

    • That he did! I’m glad I was able to film it, especially when he trilled and purred. He was a very soft purr that I oftentimes don’t hear because of my deafness.

    • The pillow feels good on his paws, eh?! I know from past experience Google translate doesn’t handle Chinese very well, though native speakers enjoy the unintentional humor!

    • Yeah, wasn’t that sweet? I didn’t hear it till I replayed the video while verifying spellings and content. He is a very soft purrer.

    • I hoped that. He isn’t happy to be held more than a few seconds. Even his late brother Dougy was that way though he was he more social of the two.

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