Post 556: “I voted today!” ~ What I did October 15th while at the military museum.

Thanks to my generally poor shape, I vote by absentee ballot. The place where I am supposed to vote, which is clear across town, often requires a long walk from a parking place to the polling place, the part that gives me problems. Standing in line, too, causes problems, and I am good for only a short time. If I couldn’t vote by absentee ballot, in short, I’d have to consider not voting at all.


Yeah, I guess the ballot envelope’s marked this way so the US Postal Service, long beset by the shenanigans of a US Congress bound and determined to break its back so they can call it a failure and complete the job of privatization, knows this is democracy in action, a serious piece of mail, maybe the one piece of mail that will help toss out the pup currently representing our district and…well, a postal employee can dream, eh?!

instruction 3

The return envelope and ballot give different instructions on what one’s to use to mark the ballot. I followed the ballot instructions. Actually, I’d already voted, using a black ink pen, so what the hey?! It better get counted!


Lots of choices this time as everyone and his dog decided to run. Lots of times, there is one candidate for an office, and you either vote for the candidate or leave the ballot blank for that position. Not me: I vote in all races and on all initiatives. (Is this any way to run a state? Apparently so.) I even wrote in one person’s name because he was very good at a job he held once in the county, but wasn’t Republican enough, I guess, to retain it in the last election.

Even so, I don’t like voting for or against retention of judges since all but one on the ballot represent different parts of the state than the district in which I live. I vote for retention usually because usually there isn’t anything damning in the paper about any of these people.  When they act up in naughty way, as they sometimes if rarely do, they usually resign from office or get shamed into resigning. Don’t have to wait till the election for that!

c min wage

This is the least expected initiative on the ballot. This is Nebraska, folks. Prime Tea Party territory. Land of Mitt Romney’s reliable five Electoral College votes. I will be shocked if it passes, but stranger things happen.

So it goes. I’m always glad for this opportunity to make myself heard, even if I’m not a multi-billionaire. I’ll continue to vote as long as I can hold a Nr. 2 pencil or whatever they want me to use to mark my ballot. My ballot is in the mail.

4 thoughts on “Post 556: “I voted today!” ~ What I did October 15th while at the military museum.

    • I have that same issue. Also, one doesn’t have to vote in every race or for any initiative if one doesn’t want to or don’t feel informed enough to vote. I have a problem leaving any incompleted places on a ballot, though I have and will when I don’t feel informed enough to make a good choice.

  1. Voting is all done by mail here in Oregon. A non-partisan booklet is provided ahead of time to study the various choices on the ballot, if one wishes to do so. Much easier than standing in line. Glad to hear you are exercising your right to vote. That right is something no one should take for granted, no matter what their party affiliation.

    • I agree totally, Lavinia, and thank you for the support.

      I am aware of how you vote in your state, and it makes more sense than traditional means. I think my sister in Seattle said they are the same there as Oregon. I’ve often felt I’d be happier living in your more progressive state than I am living in Nebraska. I used to have to stay here because of elderly parents, who’ve since died. I may still move out your way! Two of my three siblings live out there. My brother lives in Smith River, CA, just south of the Oregon-California border on the coast, and one of my sisters lives in Seattle, as noted.

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