Post 571: dead tired

The boys woke me up very early this morning — 11:30 or so — and I didn’t sleep much after that. Around 1:30, Dougy got especially¬†whiney, bugging me with his “feed me now” whine. Argh! So the boys ate early breakfasts and I finished off the third bismarck, by this morning a little dried out, but not bad with coffee.

I had some thoughts about a theme for today’s blog, though they slipped my mind. In the meantime, here’s a gratuitous kitty photo:


Dougy looks mighty handsome in this photo, taken yesterday after I woke him up. (Perhaps the early wake up call this morning is karma kicking in, eh?!) He’s all scrunched up into one of those impossible cat scrunches, but that’s the only way he fits on top of the mouse pad. Cats!