Ebola procedures come under “scathing” criticism!

I am concerned, of course, that Ebola made its way to America, though not surprised that the initial responses were less than perfect or that one patient died after being sent home first for three days.

It is easy to stand back and find fault with the way things were handled, yet the reality, to me, is that we can only prepare for the worst once we know just how bad it can get. The way Katrina victims in New Orleans were handled, for example, was a much greater failure to handle a disaster in a timely, appropriate manner than the Ebola response.

No point in frosting that cake, though: learn from the experience, adjust strategies, make better preparations (if Congress allows enough resources to those who need them, eh??!), and don’t [blank] up the next time. Finger pointing won’t bring back the dead or help the living.

If handled intelligently, without politics or self-serving whitewashes of the facts, knowledge of the errors can bring about improvements in the way we deal with the next Ebola patients.

In the meantime, panic and ignorance need to be held in control so we can see the problems of Ebola control clearly and not waste precious time and resources dealing with monsters under the bed.

2 thoughts on “Ebola procedures come under “scathing” criticism!

  1. What a shame the effects of Katrinia were on New Orleans poor. They seemed to be hit the hardest as they seem to be in lower lying areas. I can’t imagine what they went through….as devastating as it was. If, Canada had this happen to them….the response would be equally as devastating, if not more. We are not used to the ramifications of hurricanes and would not know how to handle it. The Ebola virus is so horrifying in its nature…or should I say misunderstood that the pendulum will sway one way again and this will be treated as overkill…like the airlines with 9/11.

    (((Jean and Shoko)))

    • That was beyond doubt the most appalling and disgraceful response to any natural disaster in my lifetime. I still fume about how people were left to die, literally, on the streets! I think you are most likely right about the over reaction. Ignorance and fear are a terrible thing together.

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