29Jan23: Chunky or not?


I think I see it.

Andy’s getting…

…a bit of a tummy!


Just in time to eat up that Social Security cost of living increase, my landlord sent a “because of the rising cost of utilities, etc.” letter notifying us living at Serenity Lane Apartments (sic) that our rents are going up by pretty much an amount equal to the Social Security increase.

I shouldn’t complain. Since the current owner bought the place a few years back, the rent hasn’t changed. The previous owners increased it annually, with the letters coming out in time for Christmas.

The new owner is giving us till April to adjust to the increase. “Adjust”, that is, check to see if we are eligible for public assistance on rent at a time our Republican Congressmen and -women are threatening to chop off those agencies that help the poor and elderly if we want them, the said Congressmen and -women, to approve increasing the debt ceiling.

Ain’t life a breeze?! I think I’ll be ok, though I feel a bit exploited. Of course, when my sister in Seattle tells me what she pays for rent…. Whew!

24 thoughts on “29Jan23: Chunky or not?

  1. We are fortunate to live at Crowell Manor, going on near 40 years now. It’s a California Bungalow built in the 1920s. Bought it in 1987 and we know just how blessed we are. Petal’s sister is renting and has no car, but my son Alan chauffeurs them with our vehicle, a 2014 Nissan that has 39,400 miles on it. A Pasadena model. 🙂

  2. And, it doesn’t help that our Food Stamps are going back to PreCovid stage in March which means like $20 a month, if that. Never mind that food prices are sky rocketing and people are having a hard time feeding their families. Even Food Banks are struggling.

  3. Andy’s tummy is adorable regardless of size! So sorry to hear about the rent increase, Doug. We’re struggling with medical costs that are somehow, not being covered. Any attempts to undermine those needed programs are just rotten!

    • Those medical costs are a tragedy brought on by a criminal Congress that has really great health coverage as part of their “work”. Other countries do a better job of treaty the health needs of their citizens.

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