Post 553: creepy cats

Yesterday, Dougy creeped me out. His horns were showing and he was watching me: I was creeped out!

Yesterday, Dougy’s horns were showing and he creeped me out!

Yesterday, Dougy glared down on me from the mini-stereo. Today, it was Andy’s turn, and he was there long enough to curdle my blood twice over!

Andy's horns are up. I am being watched!

Andy’s horns are up. I am being watched!

“Aw, surely not…,” I thought. “This close to Halloween, this creepy cat business is, well, creepy! What’s up with this?”

Cats are, if nothing else, inscrutable, though Andy and Dougy kind of blow their cover when their horns pop up. I may not know what’s in store for me, but I know something’s up! So I waited.

A bit later, after the sun peeked over the horizon, Andy still was there, still watching, watching, watching…!

"Not cute and cuddly today," I thought, "not at all!" But what's Andy's intent?  

“Not cute and cuddly today,” I thought, “not at all!” But what’s Andy’s intent?

Then he hopped onto the top shelf of the computer desk, plopped down behind the all-in-one machine, and took a nap. Of course! Sometimes all the horns signify is intent to do something, anything, no harm involved. I hope…!