Post 574: Happy Halloween!

My two black kitties will be safe tonight because they will be inside. Not all black kitties are so lucky on Halloween.


Dougy (top) and Andy wish you a happy Halloween! Be safe.


17 thoughts on “Post 574: Happy Halloween!

    • I let Louie, their predecessor cat, go out on his own, but only because he’d been a stray, was a rescue cat, and was savvy to the dangers of streets, dogs, people, cars, and other cats. I got to the point, though, where I recognized it wasn’t a good idea even if Louie liked to go outside, and resolved to wean him off it. He died of lymphoma before that day came. When I got Andy and Dougy as kittens, I knew it’d be easier to turn them into indoor cats than it would have been to do that with Louie. They both are indoor cats, and have always been.


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