Post 730: limping along…waiting for a miracle

Some things never change: Andy in this early photo evades Mr. Foot (me).

Some things never change: Andy in this early photo evades Mr. Foot (me).

I’m hesitant to add any new photos to my files — if I can even do that at this point — so am going to update my status using ones already on the computer. It is primarily a cat blog after all! 

Yes, today Andy managed not to get caught first thing for his medicine. After several days of easy capture — lean down and puck him up! — it comes as no surprise he gets to win the game. 

Of course, I have the syringe loaded and ready in the refrigerator, Andrew James. It have your name on it. (“Andy” — yep, that’s his name on it alright!)

37 thoughts on “Post 730: limping along…waiting for a miracle

    • I’ll try to post something till I work out what I need to do to restore this computer to full function. Cable guy’s coming in a few minutes. I doubt that’s the whole problem, but I think it contributed to the mess.

      Andy and Dougy allow me to hold them, grudgingly, but I hold them the same. I think they are beginning to realize the benefits of extra loving!

    • I think it’s temporary. Depending on the cable guy’s efforts and what I can arrange, I may be off line starting as early as this afternoon. I will have to take the machine out of town for repairs, but want to talk with friends with experience with various vendors.

    • “Inexpensively” is a myth, as you know, when it comes to computer problems! Fortunately, I have a tidy back up sum in the bank that will take care of everything up to and including buying a new machine, if that were necessary.

      Anyway, Andy is either getting used to the idea of his medicine or I’m getting more clever because more times than not lately I’ve been able to catch him without drama, give him the medicine, rub his shoulders and tell him what a good boy he is, then let him down for some nice Greenies treats. He complains a little, but he actually is a pretty good little guy about it once he’s caught.

  1. I understand your feeling about that. I don’t know why, but I am loathe to use my size and strength on my animals unless it is a life or death situation.

    • Exacatly! And it must be horrific to have someone of our size standing over them with blood in the eye! (Or so it must seem to them!) Anyway, I don’t want them to fear me.

  2. You are completely right not to take the cat by the fur in the back of his neck! The fur of younger cats is loose there, but they lose this ability to be carried by their neck-fur when getting older. And if your boys are 4,5 kg they are (even though well within their normal weight range) too heavy to be taken up that way.

    • I’ve learned how to catch them without scruffing them. Andy traps himself by the back door, and it generally is as simple as reaching over and scooping him up. Dougy lots of times takes naps in a carrier on the floor in the front room, which means all I have to do to trap him most times is close the carrier door!

      • And he returns to sleep there? You have very docile cats. But then they grew up around humans. My tom is from a farm and my little one was caught “in the wild” with seven months. Both are not into being carried around – I usually corner them. Tom has learned to go into the carrier then, after loud protest howls, the female shits herself – literally.

        • The boys spent their early weeks in the veterinary clinic, where several kitten-loving technicians definuitely handled them a lot. Of cours Persians and Birmans are very mild-mannered cats by nature anyway, and that’s their heritage. I am glad they are generally easy to handle, and try to respect that good nature by treating them well. I know how farm cats (or feral cats in general) can be! I almost agreed to take in a feral kitten once. While I standing next to the nest its mother prepared for it and its siblings in a flower bed, the mother came up from behind me and pounced on my hand! It bled a little, but I was OK medically if a bit chastened.

    • The little rascal was just over by my foot, begging to be caught, but I didn’t think I could do it without scruffing him. (I read where that is very upsetting to adult cats, though I know people do it all the time. On the chance it is upsetting, I don’t think I should do it to a little guy with a high blood pressure issue!)

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