Post 2320: Dougy’s worked it out…

Just an ordinary morning. Andy on the end table. Dougy in the new box. Me…um…! Those are the suspicious “Terribly Frightening Tool of Kitty Boy Pelage Mat Removal” that Doug’s hiding behind the laptop screen! 


Dougy’s worked it out. Perhaps he can hide from Doug here, under the television stand. (I decided not to work on the mats after he looked stressed.)

Dougy has some major mats on his hind legs. Little by little, I’ve been working on them because Dougy freaks out when I do it. I find these scissors designed to cut through sutures work better than any other tool I have in my mat removal arsenal. They seem to cause Dougy the least distress.


That tip on the bottom blade is ground to a fine sharpness and is small enough that it readily slips under or through mats. I can either cut through the mat with the sharpened tip or use the tool as a scissors to do the same. It has the added advantage of being less dangerous to the cat than the seam ripper that also works well but requires care in use to avoid stabbing the cat. Ow! 

26 thoughts on “Post 2320: Dougy’s worked it out…

  1. I’m not aware of any reason. They deal with the nails by scratching on approved (and not approved) scratching posts. They self-groom the back nails. If, when they are more elderly, they aren’t up to the task, I will have them trimmed. I am a bit of a coward when it comes to trimming nails, especially since their nails are all black, making the exact spot where you get into the quick a bit of an issue.

  2. the right time is the trick for such a matt-attack… we have this with clipping the nails. my smart husband said he will do it when they sleep and he actually started to clip their nails in bed… well that is overdone, not in MY BED….

    • Yes, he gets that, yet I miss his legs as much as not because of the awkwardness of brushing legs. I don’t brush Andy as often because he doesn’t seem to need it (He doesn’t have mats!) Regardless, I’ve made some pretty good progress on Dougy’s mats, working on them one by one till he gets upset, then I leave him and them alone for the rest of the day. Today, I actually got three big ones removed!

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