Post 729: Internet and/or computer issues…

I’m dealing with some major Internet and/or computer issues just now. I’m stuck in Safe Mode, so have some limited access to features.

I’m not sure, however, if I will be able to continue posting daily for a while. I’m beginning to think I will have to take my computer to a repair shop for a major fix.


Working with photo files is difficult and very limited as to what I can do.

As much as I hate to pause my blogging, I don’t seem to have a choice. I may post new ones if it is possible, but it looks less and less likely for the time being. Likewise, responding to comments may be less likely till I resolve my Internet and/or computer issues.

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  1. That is unlikely to be honest. Especially once you have gotten rid of the rubbish with Hitmanpro. As long as you have your documents, pics and vids etc. backed up to another drive. If you don’t you need to get that done asap.

    Make sure also you have a note of programs that you use along with passwords. Also favorites can be saved to a document.

    Hard drives do fail but they can just fail anyway even when everything seems to be fine, they can just stop working and that’s not even rare, so data ought to always be backed up. A USB stick is good for that. I have bought a few over the years and HP or Transcend are probably the best.

    • This happened just at the time I was trying to do the latest back up. I do have a older back up that is better than nothing, but probably will lose lots of photos, mostly. Fortunately, most of the best ones are on my WordPress blog of made into videos. The videos, too, all are on YouTube, which is good.

      I’m thinking the laptop may be the best bet,too, if the expense of repair is too much. I like this computer, but it takes a lot of space. A laptop would be more handy in many regards. I like HP products myself, even if the problem computer is an HP!

      • You ought to be able to access and back up all your data from safe mode, that’s one of the things it’s for.

        I hope you know a PC shop where you know for sure they are honest because I have heard some horrible stories of people being fleeced. In fact when I was very ill about 8 years ago, I was fleeced myself. They had a good reputation but still I had to keep going back again and again and again and I was so ill, it didn’t dawn on me what was going on. I was broke too and it took a lot of money. A so-called respectable ‘nice’ family business man as well. I have found they can be the worst when it comes to being ripped off. Or else they just have employees working for them who really don’t care.

        I do have almost 35 years experience with PCs and I am sure that if you run the Hitmanpro yourself, your data will be every bit as safe as if you take the PC to them – and perhaps even more so. After all, no one cares about your data like you do. Outside of formatting the disk, it would be unusual to lose the data without a physical failure which is another matter anyway.

        What is wobbly at the moment is your operating system rather than the data, but that will most probably be fine if you get rid of the malware. Or it could be righted it by using one of the repair discs on ebay.

        If you got somebody like techarray on Fiverr, which is marvellous for small jobs, it would only cost $5 and you would be able to sit there and watch him operating the mouse etc. which is fun. It’s certainly a whole lot better than taking it to the shop and then going to pick it up again and then finding that it’s still not right.

        Computers are great at fixing themselves. If you give it to them they will only (hopefully) back up the data and use software to put it right that’s the way the professionals fix it. They use Hitmanpro and with the 30 day fully functioning trial you can do that for free.

        Technology is so advanced these days. I had to phone Paypal today and speaking to the computerised system there was quite amazing, as they have obviously installed a very advanced system and could understand what I was saying just about like a real person.

        • I found a local service that I like. No more telephone services! I’ve been fleeced, too, and hate the slimeballs involved so much it hurts me to the soul! I’d gladly watch them die in front of me, and would poke them with a stick till they stopped moving. No sense of humor about these things. None!

          I got a three terabyte capacity storage gizmo for security and complete backup That much capacity should take care of me for a long time, even though I do lots of big photo and video files.

      • I would search for them yourself rather than leaving it to someone else. They may be retrievable but to be honest without wishing to sound too cynical the computer companies get paid whether they retrieve your data or not, so there is no incentive for them. Some people will try their best, and others…. well, other’s won’t. At least I would do your best to make sure you give your PC over to someone who will do their best for you. The data is often on there somewhere, although I know it is not always possible to retrieve it.

  2. It would also help if I told which program to buy on ebay! That’s BITDEFENDER TOTAL SECURITY 2015. This is the one I bought and it works perfectly. If you go on Amazon the same product is around £25 and on their website it’s £60! It is perfectly legal and software companies often – not always – have agents who sell this way. It’s download only so you don’t have to wait for it to come in the post. Just keep a spare copy on a back up drive so you can reinstall later if necessary.

    • I have other things in the works, but I’ll keep this link in mind just in case. Right now, I have such limited use of this machine that I’m hesitant to try too much more on my own for fear I’ll really mess it up.

  3. The problem is these days they have got ever more ingenious with the malware, junkware, adware, spyware, bloatware and most of the programs only deal with some of the problems. Even Tune-Up Utilities when used on its own for a period of time causes problems as I have seen that on three PCs now.

    Some of the so-called registry cleaners cause problems themselves. On ebay you can buy something called Auslogics Boostspeed which will clean all the muck out of the PC.

    Then to deal with any nasties on it, all you need to do is download a free 30 day fully functioning trial of Hitmanpro and you don’t need to commit to purchase either, give them your credit card or anything like that. Hitmanpro is by far the best there is and it will feel like you have a new PC.

    Then get yourself over to ebay and for less than £10 you can get an official copy – download only – of the internet security program voted #1 best for three years running and it really is amazing!

    Voilà, problem solved for 10 quid (or $15) and your PC will be running like new.

    I also like Advanced Uninstaller Pro which can be downloaded from cnet or and that has a good registry cleaner and a great duplicate finder, etc. and you can delete any unwantedprograms.

    If you take it to a shop they are only going to do something like this anyway and charge you an arm and a leg for it! Also often the PC comes back with more problems.

    There is no reason not to do it yourself, do a better job and save money. Also once you have this sorted, it won’t happen again.

    Another option is that these days is that great software is available for free for someone to easily go into your PC remotely and fix it very cheaply.

    On fiverr, there is a very tech savvy guy in Texas who will spend up to an hour or so on your PC for $5, called Techarray.

    And there are bonuses, you can feel great that you did it yourself and possibly a second bonus of spending the money you saved!

    • I’m at the point where I’m thinking about how to readjust my life to no computer. There is so much hassle and major expense after the fact to keep it functioning, and I am a retiree after all.

    • Thanks! That’s not the photo I thought I was posting, but it works and is one of my favorites of Louie because of the way he used the settee arm as a bird blind when birdwatching out the back door.

    • Thanks! As you, the most reliable computer fix is a sheep sacrifice to the evil Computer Gods. On principle, I reject that, so will have to settle for mere human intervention I fear.

        • I didn’t chose Safe Mode, the computer did when the problems reached a critical point. I can’t get it to go back following the instructions in Microsoft Help. I’m beginning to think the cheap laptop backup is a good idea for a couple reasons: It would help when working on the computer since it is WiFi-connected and some distance from the modem. I don’t have the appropriate length of cable to connect the computer directly to the modem without physically moving the whole thing over to the area where the modem is. That would involve considerable effort and figuring out where to set it up and still have a power source. Shit, as we say in Nebraska. Shit!

          • What a pain in the arse, as we say in Canada. I was actually checking and both Walmart and Future Shop have sales on laptops. Mind you that could be only in Canada, but still pretty cheap. I only works with laptops. I have three going. One for work, one for fun and on is the kitty decoy that they sleep on and around. 😉

          • It is demoralizing. I’m glad I can do some some things still but that will end as soon as I take it in for fixing. I’ve no idea how long that might take, of course, so intend to keep everyone as informed of my circumstances as possible in the brief window left. (Andy is really acting up, howling and trying to get a reaction from Dougy. I think there is a kitty romp about to tear through the house…!)

    • Thanks! I’m sorry, too! I use technology but am not enthralled with its complications. After I retired, I quickly learned how valuable the IT specialist in my plant had been when I had computer issues because I had to learn to be an IT sort of specialist to take care of my own equipment. And I don’t like it!

    • Me, too, Yvonne…! I may have to take it in for repairs (the computer) if it can’;t be straightened out with the cable Internet issue resolved and the file issues on the computer.

  4. I am wondering if the issue might lie in the storage capacity of your account. If it is the solution may be as simple as purchasing an upgrade to your blog package. If it is not that then it might be something else of course.

    Can you describe the specific difficulties you are encountering with the computer? Is it slow? Does it freeze up? Is your security suite working properly? Is your firewall on? Have too many temporary files accumulated causing the unit to slow down? If so you could do a disc clean from your start function.

    • I’ve gone through the file cleaning business and a variety of other things. The problem is less a WordPress one and more a cable Internet one (I have a WIFI connection since my computer is several feet from the modem) and some issues with corrupted files and infections that came about from some source. Don’t “do” porno, so who knows where I picked up a virus, but there is one. I’ve done regular (daily) securtity scans for so long I can’t remember when I first started doing them, but that apparently isn’t enough. Hell! Anyway, I may well need to further upgrade my WordPress account since I do post a lot of material. I don’t remember the specifics of the package I have now other than it costs $99 a year. When I have a healthy working computer again, I think that’s probably something I should check into. Thanks for suggesting that!

      • O.K., I think the first thing you need to do is to determine if you have a virus or not and here is a suggestion that might be of some help with that —

        but even before you look at that I might suggest you give this a look:

        and lastly I don’t know what security suite you are using but I have used Microsoft Security Essentials from day one — and my computer is 5 years old now — and it has never failed me yet. You might want to look at that here:

        If you have a WIFI connection maybe you should make sure your connection is password protected.

        I don’t know if any of this will help at all but here it is for what it is worth.

        I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any of this information and my suggestion would be that if you are unsure of anything then you probably need to consult with a computer professional.

        It might also be helpful to have a backup computer on hand for such emergencies as the one you are describing.

        Let me know if any of this seems to be of interest to you.

        Best Regards,


        • It is password protected, but…! All of the protection and passwords in the world don’t seem to stop this crap. I even made a point of running a security scan before I shut down each day, and sometimes, I’d do it at the start of my day. At any rate, I thought I was doing what I had to do, and failed somehow.

          I’ve Microsoft for help, and so far that’s not worked. I’m not sure what all they triued, but the links you put up may be worth a look. I’ll do that! Thanks!

          • I mostly like the larger photos, and am willing to pay the extra for the space they take. As I mentioned, whichever plan I have costs $99 a year. I haven’t gone back to look to see what else it gives me, but it seems the capability of adding videos is one thing extra I got since I do like to post videos of the cat brothers from time to time.

          • The ideal size for a photograph on some blogging platforms is from 350 to 500 pixels — sometimes 680 or so — and reducing them to this size with the photo editor does nothing to change the quality of them when published on the blogs. All reducing the pixel size does in use up 680 pixels worth of space instead of the more than 4,000 pixels that some photos require for storage before being processed.

          • I am lost here, frankly. I am not a very computer-savvy person, just a clever amateur user sometimes, and all I can say is when I add photos to a blog, I use the medium-sized option, which I think is what you are talking about. If I’m going about this wrong, I can only say I’m happy with the size and quality. If the photo isn’t really sharp, I sometimes will post it in the smallest size. My plan allows one of three sizes, with no in-betweens. Also, most of the photos I post are edited and often cropped from larger photos. I suspect it is in PhotoShop that I could make the adjustment you are talking about because it does offer several options as to quality of save. As for pixels…! I guess I could check the files to find out what each photo is. It seems that’s information included on the files if you right click on them to bring up what type of file it is, etc. At this point, when I feel like every time I come on this computer, I’m exposing myself to more grief from viruses waiting to get in, I am not doing much exploring…just getting on, then off as fast as I can, taking care of things like e-mails. (Basically, all I’m doing is deleting all of them. I’m not visiting any other blogs till my problem’s taken care of. way! My blog, mostly to respond to comments.

          • I would suggest you go to your “Start” function and open up “Control Panel” and make sure the following functions are reported as being on or o.k.:

            Make sure your FIREWALL is ON
            Make sure your WINDOWS UPDATE is ON
            Make sure your VIRUS PROTECTION is ON
            Make sure your INTERNET SETTINGS report themselves as being O.K.
            Lastly — Make sure your USERE ACCOUNT CONTROL is ON.
            If all these things are as they are supposed to be, and if you do not open e-mail attachments from unknown senders and if you are running Microsoft Security Essentials security suite — or Norton — or Kaspersky — or some other trusted security suite — you should never have to worry about a virus.

            There is a function of Microsoft Security Essentials that will allow you to check a site out for safety before you open it up. It is a thing that comes on and asks, “Do you want Microsoft Security Essentials to scan this site before opening it?”

            I have this working on my computer but I forgot how to make it work if I had not had it activated when I got the computer.

  5. Życzę aby Święta Wielkanocne przyniosły radość,
    pokój oraz wzajemną życzliwość.
    By stały się źródłem wzmacniania ducha.
    Smacznego święconego jajka 🙂

    • “I wish you to Easter brought joy,
      peace and mutual kindness.
      To become a source of strengthening spirit.
      Bon appétit observed eggs.”

      That’s the translated version I got of your message. Thank you very much! I’m having Internet and/or computer issues just now, so need some of the peace of Easter to get through!

      Dziękuję bardzo! Ja jestem posiadanie Internetu lub komputera problemy właśnie teraz, tak należy niektóre z pokoju Wielkanoc dotrzeć!

  6. Sorry to hear this, I’ll miss my buddies, but I do know the horrors that computers can cause us lowly humans – ugh!! Take care and of the guys and I’ll be here waiting for you to get back!

    • Another problem with Safe Mode is it is even more difficult to tell what I’ve answered and what I haven’t. The regular WordPress comments is confusing enough!

        • Ugh! I am a slow adapters, though I eventually have my temper tantrum about how the old way was better, then come around to accept the new way. (Usually! I can count on always having the tantrum, though!)

      • As for my patience, I am feeling over-whelmed with the hassles this potentially will entail, including taking it out of town to have it worked on since I am unaware of anyone left in this small town that is competent or actively doing this sort of thing any longer. I have no choice but to put up with the hassles, eh?! If by some miracle the cable issue resolves the problem with running a diagnostic/fixer program on the computer, I may be OK. The diagnostic/fixer program works off of the Internet, so when the blanking connection breaks during the fix…! (Which it has done enough times I know it will happen.) Anyway, no fixes can occur if it can’t pull up the replacement files.

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