Post 1943: tear strip “fun”…

Dougy was wild with blood lust playing with the tear strip off the kitty food bag…till I tried to photograph his play!

So was Andy. He was all tooth and claw! Bring out a camera (or smart phone) and the kitty boys act like taxidermy specimens.

33 thoughts on “Post 1943: tear strip “fun”…

  1. Why I have so few action shots. They even manage to alert on the tiny Go Pro I bought for that reason. Go figure, more like! Merry Christmas Doug.

    • It’s inevitable! The other business they give me is turning their heads as soon as I take a photo. Of coutrse, with a digital type camera, where the camera self-adjusts to light levels, the pohoto may be taken a fraction of a second or longer after the cat moves his head so I get a blur or the back of his head instead of the cute expression or the pretty face….

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