Post 980: Let them eat cake…!

I heard a knock on my door this morning, answered it, and there was my neighbor from across the lane, two pieces of German chocolate cake in his hands. He’s the one who put up the bird feeder for the boys and other kindnesses. Of course, I “had” to accept the cake!

cake 122215Need I say this is the “before” picture? Since posting this, this piece of cake jumped into my stomach. And it was delicious!


43 thoughts on “Post 980: Let them eat cake…!

    • And a Merry Christmas to you and your family, too, Michel! I bet Amiens is a beautiful place this time of year and your wife must bring out the best bottles of wine from the cellar to celebrate the season! Americans can be very generous, yet they can be very narrow-minded and bigoted, too. A Christmas greetings to the President and Mrs. Obama posted on Facebook had comments that suggested people missed a day or two of church when they learned what Christmas is about and what it is to be a Christian. I was embarrassed for some of them, they were so vulgar and foul.


  1. Oh that looks wonderful and I have to tell you if I would have been nearby, you would not have even been able to sniff that cake before it and i would have disappeared.


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