Post 981: Whither Benji…?

I tell you, that Benji is just too cute for his own britches! And Anarette now tells us he’s taken on a doggy adventure as a sailor. What a pup!

Yes, here he is! Benji continues to grow both in size and in our affection!

Yes, here he is! Benji continues to grow both in size and in our affection!

Follow your nose to this post to find out more about Benji the shelter pup. He’s been very busy since he and the cat brothers interviewed each other!

Andy and Dougy don’t understand this sailing business. “Why would anyone want to get that close to that much water?” Indeed! It is a conundrum.

16 thoughts on “Post 981: Whither Benji…?

  1. Oh my that is a cute fella.
    I am new to blogging and my daughter is helping me find a few blogs that I will find enjoyable. I was drawn here by the photos of your lovely persians.
    My husband and I had several pairs of ginger pertains over the years and I have a great love for this beautiful breed.
    Nice to meet you and your delightful persians. I hope it is alright that I follow your blog.

    • I’m delighted to have new people follow my blog! I remember when I first started thinking it was like writing a letter to myself because I was the only one reading it (apparently…!) At one point, though, it started to pick up readers are a rapid rate. I really enjoy people’s comments, though it’s been just as fun to find new blogs I like by checking out what the people commenting on my blogs are writing and posting on their blogs!

      I’ve decided to let Andy and Dougy grow their hair long again instead of getting them trimmed down. They are smoke Persians, with lots of pretty highlights in their fur that get lost when their hair’s shorter.

      • Welcome thank you so much for the welcome and such nice folks here.
        I am happy my children talked me into this hobby.
        We always had our girls hair long. We had three set of sisters, Ginger Persians, over the years and to this day I so miss having them.
        So it was so nice to find out blog with your boys.
        I so agree with you that they loose their beauty when their hair is cut.
        Our girls were so good about their brushings and eye wash. A couple of them always had goopy eyes which required cleaning several times daily.
        Once again nice to see you and your boys.

        • Dougy’s had eye issues, but the veterinarian recommended Lysine supplement in his food. That helped immensely. Until I hot the boys, I didn’t have experience with Persians. Of course, in movies, they always are villainous, mean cats, yet the real deal is a gentle soul, a sweet-dispositioned kitty that is a delight to have around. Dougy is the more affectionate of the two: I’m his boy, I think! Andy is more circumspect, though he has a sweet nature, too. He does fine if I give him special attention where he isn’t in competition with Dougy. I had a short-haired ginger tabby before I got Andy and Dougy. Louie was a delightful, funny cat, and I was heart-broken when he died of lymphoma. On the other hand, his passing opened the door to me getting Andy and Dougy a short time later when the veterinarian technician who had their mother offered Andy first to me. The full story is elsewhere (look at the headings of the pages on the top of my blog) and is quite involved! I will always be partial to ginger cats, though I wouldn’t give up my little Persians for anything!

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