Post 989: Grüße aus Deutschland!

The mail came yesterday. It contained the usual seasonal bills, magazines, and seed catalogs. Sorting through the pile, though, I came across a postcard from Europe. Perhaps my Dutch friends sent a greetings, I thought, then I read the message:

christmas card

That’s in German…. So I flipped the card over:

Ha! Ha! Andy and Dougy never looked cuter!

Ha! Ha! Andy and Dougy never looked cuter!

Mystery solved: Smilla and Luke are Nicole's children, and they are the inspiration for the video I made using Louie the Ginger Cat's photos.

Mystery solved: Smilla and Luke are Nicole’s children, and they are a delight! Need I add I am delighted with this greeting?!


31 thoughts on “Post 989: Grüße aus Deutschland!

  1. What a fine greeting and from so far. I’m glad you found the drawings cute….that’s about as good as my art gets also and I love viewing fine art like this. hehe
    Have a great 2016 Doug.

    Your friend.


    • I’m not sure how old the kids are now, but I think it must be something like 7 or 8 for Smilla and a year older for Luke. Their photos suggest they are fun children, and their drawings definitely are spot on!

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