Post 1681: I GIF you the kitty boys!


Dougy is happy in his flamingo tub!


And Andy is pleased to have the PC to himself!


The pun in the headline presumes the pronounciation of GIF is similar to “give”, with a final “f” sound tagged on, so the headline should be understood to >wink! wink!< read “I give you the kitty boys!” Checking up on the accepted pronunciation, though, I learned I was mistaken. Here’s a rabid video on the topic:

Soooo… if you pronounce it correctly, you miss the pun. 




Post 1680: Dougy gets told…


“Stop hogging the recliner, bro’!” Andy’s had it!


Dougy’s surprised Andy’s so adamant. There’s plenty of room on the recliner.



Post 1678: “We play when we want to!”


Dougy wants nothing to do with it…

Andy says he didn’t ask to play…

Dougy decides he really does want to play! OKAY! 

We humans need to feel useful to our kitty masters.


Post 1675: busy kitties…

Some things are more important than others. Miller time, for example…

…and window time!

,,,quality time with your brother!


…play time!

…cleaning up!

…treat time!

…and, finally, a little kitty nap time!

Post 1674: one of those days…


While watching a favorite kitty video, Andy gets an urge to hit the dry kitty food…except Dougy’s watching him!


He really, really, really wants that kitty food, but Dougy looks ornery! Andy can see “The Glance”, and it means a gauntlet to run if he’s to get those yummy pellets of kitty chow.

“Maybe I can sneak out the back way,” Andy thinks. “…but then the human will want to pet me!” Good grief! Andy is in a pickle!


Andy eventually got his kitty on and ran past Dougy. Dougy reached out and got a little pawful of Andy hair, but, man, that kitty food was worth it!

Post 1672: Dougy still sees…what?!


Dougy’s still seeing things.


He just sits there, being Mr. Kreepy Kat!


Then he hops on his ottoman and does this…! I don’t see what he sees.

Post 1671: the kitty boys see…what?


The kitty boys were enjoying their rest when…


…something caught their attention.


“DEFCON 1*, Andy!” Andy’s already sprinted off to see whatever it is.


Now Dougy is off to the hunt! (That’s his tail just above the top of the recliner arm.) Whatever it is he and Andy suspect is out there has no chance. 



[Sorry for the late posting today. The last photo took a long, long time to show up in my e-mail, and I felt it was necessary for the story.]


Post 1670: catch as catch can…

Andy is easy enough to photograph lately…

…but Dougy’s been hard to get! Yep, he either moves during the shoot or holds his head down, hiding his eyes. 

Post 1667: Dougy likes/ dislikes brushing.


The longer my Persian kitty boys’ hair grows, the more they need brushing. Dougy generally love, love, loves it, and will hop up on his ottoman to be brushed when I pat the ottoman three times. 

I usually catch mats early enough that I can pull them apart with my fingers, then brush out the spot to get any loose hair. Sometimes, though, I miss the mat and snag it with my steel-toothed grooming comb. That upsets Dougy, reasonably enough! See his tail after the latest “incident”! 


Post 1665: The kitty boys can behave…!


Andy and Dougy share the recliner without incident.

[Andy, on back; Dougy, on seat]


“Brother Dear,” says Dougy, “Won’t you please join me in some jolly kitty play?!” “Perhaps in a moment, Dear Brother,” responds Andy, “Can you wait a moment while I clean my ‘precious’?” “It will be an eternity, Brother Dear,” sobs Dougy.

Whose kitties are these? They usually chase each other off the recliner.