19Jan21: Kitty boy on watch…

Couldn’t help notice I’m being watched…

Yes, there he is! Andy’s watching, watching…

…watch…um… (I think he’s losing interest!)

Hee! Hee! Predictable! You’d make a terrible guard dog, Andrew!


If you look at the last three photos, the kitty boy in the box in the photos within the photos is the late Dougy.

18Jan21: Andy and Dougy back in time…

Andy’s always been a kitty boy that could play alone and be happy.

Dougy usually was the dominant kitty brother, but Andy could be a pest and dominate Dougy when he was in the mood.

Usually, though, the kitty brothers enjoyed each other and sought each other out for kitty fun! (Andy and I miss his brother. RIP dear Dougy. New subscribers may not know he died 15 July 2020, age nine.)


Once in awhile, it feels like I’ve posted the same thing twelve times in a row. On those occasions, I am glad I can pull a few videos of the kitty boys from my YouTube channel. Old videos of the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, remind me of how much fun and joy it was to have two kitties interacting with each other. For those who remember Dougy, the last video is especially fun to watch.

09Jan21: taming the beast…

“NO! Don’t touch me! I’m a great, BIG bone-crunching, blood-lapping carnivore!”

“I warn you! I’ll chew your arm off!”

[Purr! Purr!]



The late Dougy resisted affection, too, but all was well once I “scritched” his chin, rubbed his head, or stroked his back. 

25Dec20: Christmas Greetings



I had a call yesterday from Toni, an old friend from work. She wanted to stop by because her daughter had something she wanted to give me. I’d made my plan for the day (sit around watching television in a day old shirt and underwear….LOL!) but reluctantly agreed. I took out some trash and gave things a quick touchup since I wasn’t really ready for a visit and the place needed a bit of attention I typically give it on Sundays or Mondays. In days of COVID-19, I don’t have enough – any! – visitors so things tend to get a bit slack in the housekeeping department. Oh well. They arrived, Toni and I caught up a bit on how things have been, then Addison gave me what she wanted to give me: 

I was stunned and became emotional. Thanks again to Addison! Andy had to check it out, of course.

16Dec20: a look back…


Andy makes his own toy.

After Andy was played out, Dougy took over.

Call it “Kitty Waltz”.

So much for now. Sometimes it’s fun to look at old videos. Other times, it just makes me sad. Andy and I miss our Dougy.


Is today Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday? Maybe. Apparently his exact birth date isn’t known, though tomorrow is the 250th anniversary of his baptism. In his honor, I include a movement from my favorite Beethoven piano concerto 

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto Nr. 5. The 2nd Movement, I think, is especially beautiful, though poignant, for its slow, spare, quiet progression to the 3rd Movement, which soars. I never tire of this masterpiece, the entire concerto, or hear it that I feel anything less than elevated, fortunate to always hear something else in it that I missed before. I love it so much I have 17 recordings of it by different artists.  

22Nov20: Dougy liked the recliner…

Facebook brought this memory up recently. I’d forgotten how much Dougy liked that recliner. I’d forgotten, too, how much silver showed up in his fur the longer it got. This is a sad but happy memory. I liked, too, how his beautiful eyes show up in natural color in this photo. He was a beautiful cat.

11Nov20: Dougy was a bird watcher…

Facebook brings up posts from the past, and this one recently brought a smile to my lips. It’s the late Dougy doing what he most liked to do, watching birds in the fir tree in the backyard! He got his kitty on while doing this and chirped and attacked the screens. He was so intensely interested in the birds, I could barely get his attention.

29Oct29: Let it snow! The kitty boys experience the fluffy stuff.

Andy and Dougy always wanted to see the snow. Andy never ventured beyond the door, but Dougy wanted to explore.

A weather channel asked to show this one. I was more than happy to let them! 

See what I mean about my explorer kitty boy, Dougy! (Notice how orange Dougy’s eyes were – his best feature.)

Fluffy snow! This was a rare time Dougy didn’t want to explore and Andy didn’t come to the door.

This is the earliest snow episode featuring the kitty boys, who were a year and three months old at the time. You see Dougy exploring outside and Andy barely coming to the door, a pattern that they followed the rest of Dougy’s life and Andy to this day.

Dougy’s curiosity about the outside once cost him a few hours out in the cold when he slipped past me to explore when I was checking the weather. I posted a $200 reward for his return and he was found about 100 feet away from my front door, cowering behind a snow drift! The experience didn’t change his desire to explore outside but it changed my way to check the weather! From then on – even now, though Andy isn’t as interested in the outdoor life – I never open the door that I don’t check for a kitty boy looking to experience the wild life!


23Jul20: Andy’s day, yesterday…


Andy’s at an age for cats – nine – where a comprehensive medical checkup is a good idea, unless you’re Andy, above in his carrier. The report is he was a “good boy” while there.

Andy was at the clinic from 7:30 till 2:00 yesterday. When we finally came home, he ran through the apartment, happy to be back in familiar territory, and trying to figure out what his priority for the moment was: eat, sleep, drink, groom, play?

He hopped on the stacked carriers to think it out. Oh, and to take a nap. That was easy!

Andy’s veterinarian had an emergency to deal with when I went back to the clinic to get Andy, so I will go to the clinic after dialysis today to learn the results of Andy’s checkup.


Ann Adamus of  Zoolatry created this badge of Dougy. I will attach it to this blog as soon as I feel up to finding the place where I do that. I think I remember, but am exhausted today. She did a beautiful job. Dougy’s on his ottoman in this photo, which I find appropriate and typical of my kitty boy. RIP Dougy.

dougy memorial ann adamus of zoolatry


19Jul20: how we are…

Little did I realize this odd behavior was Andy looking for his brother. It started the day Dougy died, though I didn’t know Dougy was gone yet. Andy’d found the body hours before I did. When I found it, Andy was there. He sniffed Dougy, just like he would in life. Andy still does this recliner arm vigil, and it makes me sad for him and for me.

He’s not coming from the guest bedroom, either. Or off the stacked carriers. Or off the recliner. Andy is silent, patient, hopeful. “He won’t come back, Andy,” I tell him, more for my benefit than his of course.

Some activities are normal…


…others are alarming. Andy’s shallow deep sleep breathing barely moved his chest. Holding my breath…20200716_234110

…I touched him to make sure he was alive. It’s been like that.


I intended to put Dougy’s savaged ottoman out of sight in the guest bedroom. “Not yet,” I told myself, “not yet.” 

I appreciate all the condolences from followers of the kitty boys. They were thoughtful, welcome, helpful, and a reminder that the world still holds a lot of compassionate, empathetic, nice people. Some made me cry, but all comforted me. I hope I returned to each and everyone of you who took time to send me their message of condolence and let you know your message was seen, read, and it helped. 

Dougy and Andy were a team when it came to hunting.