Post 2200: Dougy proclaims it to be an oldie but a goodie!

No $30 toys for Dougy! He still likes this tear strip off the dry kitty food.

Yes, he will even give up a snooze to play with it!


Post 2199: Caturday is a day of rest…

The kitty boys (Dougy on left) had an exhausting week. Today, they decided, will be a day of rest.

Post 2192: passing through…


Dougy’s passing through on important kitty business. No stopping for anyone or anything!


Woo hoo! I got a nice handful of kitty tail when MacDougall rushed by, if nothing else.

Here’s some oldie but goodies of Dougy since he isn’t cooperating today.

Post 2190: small pleasures…


I don’t have to convince Dougy he wants some “scritches”! It’s a small pleasure both kitty boys enjoy.


That’s the spot!


SURGERY UPDATE: The new fistula is done, without drama. Now I have exercises to do using what I converted to a cat toy after the first time I had a fistula created. They didn’t play much with it, I happened to know where they left it, found it and now will use it for the directed period of time.


This is a cat, erm, hand exerciser use to help mature the fistula to a state where it can be used. 


Post 2189: surgery day…

The site of the fistula that had to be abandoned after it ruptured healed nicely and the swelling’s down. In the meantime, this array of catheters serves me for dialysis till approximately the first part of December. I get a new dialysis fistula created surgically today, Wednesday September 4th. 

business card photo

This is how I hope the kitty boys are till I get back from surgery in Scottsbluff.


This is more likely what they will be up to! 

Post 2188: Just like old times!

IMG_20190902_132441 (1)

It is possible for the kitty boys to get along like good kitty brothers. 

IMG_20190902_132447 (1)

Right, MacDougall?


What meow you, Andrew?

IMG_20190902_132432 (1)

Even the television audio asks the question, “To be honest with you, I haven’t thought about it.” Andy and Dougy exist in the Big Now, where such questions are silly. When the kitty boys get along, I just enjoy the peace and quiet. Doesn’t matter why they are behaving, just that they are!

Post 2186: Dougy likes the flyswatter game, too!


After Andy leaves, Dougy thinks he might enjoy the flyswatter game, too.

First, Dougy needs to scout the scene out. Is there any chance Andy will come back and spoil his fun? Is there still a “mousey” for him to catch?

No Andy! So Dougy works the pile to catch that “mousey”!

All good times must end. Dougy departs stage right.


Post 2183: “Let’s get your picture, Dougy!”

When I try to get Dougy’s photo…

...I usually waste several shots first before…


…I get one I like!




Post 2182: Wake up! Wake up!


Wake up! Wake up!”


“You, too, Andy!”


“It’s ‘Kitty Food Time!'” That gets their attention.