05Oct21: too tired to finish watching…

Barely into the movie, Andy conked out.

Even during the violent scenes, he slept and slept!

He woke briefly during the Jack Teagarden solo. This was a treat for Doug, however, since he was a boy trombonist and big fan of the great JT!

The Teagarden band featured a clarinet solo, another treat as Andy’s Auntie Kathy was and currently is a clarinetist…

…so Andy, at least woke up and moved over to the ottoman not to watch that!

He missed out on some cool Jazz and a pretty good movie, but at least he got a good night’s sleep.



27Aug21: snow





The next few days, I’m featuring the late Louie the ginger cat in my blog posts.

I’m a bit amazed I posted all of the Andy and Dougy videos, some at least twice. I don’t know. Lots of them, anyway, and I decided I wanted to post the Louie videos as well as some of the Louie photos I posted on this blog in the long ago early days – this blog goes back to mid-2009.

Every time I have a catastrophic computer or laptop failure, those early photos get lost except for being on this blog. I am glad of that! Now they are on my current laptop, too.

26Aug21: Have we been here before? Oh well!

Dougy’s tummy was safe.

I can’t resist Andy’s “floofy” tail!

Andy can’t resist anything that moves!

21Aug21: a video potpourri…

Furtive kitty boy attacks mousie…!

Dougy has different plans for his time.

A strip of paper is all it takes to amuse Andy!

After watching a kitty video, Andy weighs his options for fun.


19Aug21: happy times and not so happy times…

Just like me, I mess with Andy and he messes my hand up!

Yeah, another expensive cat toy that the kitties figured out in no time, then stopped playing with it.

How to make Dougy really happy!

Poor kitties! Lawn day is never a happy time for kitties.

18Aug21: cats are a pleasure…

Another of my favorite videos of the kitty boys!

He was a wonderful part of my life for such a short time. Louie.

Cats are amazing athletes.

Andy let me know it’s time for kitty food!

17Aug21: a bit of home life with the kitty boys…

Andy still likes this cat tree best.

The kitty boys always behaved at the groomer’s, but Dougy always whined all the way to and the way back. He hated the carrier!

Always nice to have a kitty boy or two greet you at the door!

15Aug21: it was a busy time for the kitty boys…

Dougy talking trash to a bird…

Andy becomes a pest in this video. 

Dougy entertains himself in this one.

Fishing for cats!

13Aug21: at home with the kitty boys…

Andy finds the webcam interesting

…in which I give Dougy the same level of privacy to use the litterbox that he gave me to use my “litterbox”!

Andy is a provocateur in this one! (I played this video for Andy, and he watched it with great interest.)