25Aug21: Including a snow adventure for Dougy!

Andy plays when Andy is in the mood. Period!

Purr! Purr! Purr!

Dougy loved the snow. I let him take a little snow adventure for this video.


24Jul21: A first visit to the groomer and play time…

Their groomer recommended a less extreme teddy bear cut that looks much nicer on Persians, I think! This time, though, it was their first time at the groomers, and she just did a shampoo and detangle on their coats. 

Andy gets a surprise while snooping on a box by the waste paper basket….

Dougy always enjoyed a good play session!

23Jul21: Andy and Dougy at play and an incident…

 Andy and Dougy love, love, loved it when my late brother Dick came for his annual visit!

No one admits to anything around here….

Play time for Andy and Dougy!

22Jul21: Andy and Dougy at home….

What’s Dougy’s plan for Andy?

Classic Dougy!

Andy joins Dougy for a bit of back door entertainment..

21Jul21: Andy and Dougy being cats…of course!

Head rubs are always welcome here!

The only thing I saw in the video that was naughty was the table incident…!

A little bit of territorial business between the kitty boys!



20Jul21: more videos

Mostly they got along.

“Where’s the birds?”

The back door has surprises.

Oops! Poop caught in his tail feathers – dang that floofiness! – so Doug had to dump Dougy half way to work it out of his hair. Neither of us had a good time.

15Ju21: Dougy

On this sad day one year ago, Dougy died. I named him after me, a family in joke too involved to explain. I don’t feel like telling a joke today anyway. He was a comedian, an explorer, a loveable kitty boy who is missed by his brother Andy and me each and every day.


July 1, 2011 – July 15, 2020


14Jul21: for the birds…

Lots of excitement for Dougy!

Now it’s Andy’s turn for excitement!

Then the kitty boys missed a “good one”…!


13Jul21: some birdwatchers on the job; boxes, boxes, boxes…

Andy gives up on watching the birds, then a big juicy American robin stops by the bird bath.

Cleaning up!

I eventually learned boxes a nd cats go well together!

Twenty minutes at the back door, both Andy and Dougy eventually spend door time.




12Jul21: purr!…purr!…purr!

Andy purrs in his sleep sometimes. Don’t you wish you could know what he dreamt about just then…?

Cute, but the snoring is a result of being born with a “smooshed” Persian face.

Cats like the birds, too. Hee! Hee!