16Apr21: backyard birding…

The late Dougy (on chair) and Andy used to “argue” over who got to perch on the little red chair. The back door was a perfect place to bird watch the backyard birds that used the trees just outside the back door.

I put the flower pot next to the chair so both kitty boys had a perch. That helped reduce the squabbles. Both kitty boys love, love, loved to bird watch from these perches. 

Dougy chattering at the birds outside. 

Me watching Andy on my computer monitor, and Dougy watching Andy from the stereo. Andy’s “horns” are up!

14Apr21: tears for Dougy…

Two seconds long, this four-year-old memory popped up on Facebook recently. Two seconds of the late Dougy’s life as he exited a hidey hole he had in the guest bedroom…. It tore at my heart and I cried tears for Dougy, who died at nine years and two weeks of age on the 15th of July in 2020. Tears for Dougy…. 

[I turned off comments for this post. Please understand.]

13apr21: relaxation video for kitties…

I found a YouTube video that supposedly puts your kitty to sleep in five minutes.

Naturally, I tried it on Andy. He took longer than five minutes, but… 

…he slowly succumbed…

…to the soft purr and music.

I confess! It works on humans, too! Try it on your cats and let me know how it went.

03Feb21: video time again

“Acqusations” – really, I pronounce it – accusations – correctly! Wee Andrew had a bad kitty day when he was a kitten.

Andy can’t find the loudmouthed birdy…then there is a surprise answer sitting in the chair behind him. (Spoiler Alert: My late brother Dick was pretending to be a bird!)

Andy made excellent use of this new box!


If you’ve followed this for a long time, you probably have seen some or all of these videos. There have been enough new subscribers (Hello, India!) lately that I decided it was time to share a few of the You Tube videos I posted over the years. 

In happier times, there was a second kitty, Dougy, in my home, and he makes an appearance in this video. An English fan of the Andy and Dougy videos I posted on You Tube sent them a box of goodies. Dougy and Andy had a good time while I unpacked the box for them. Sadly, Dougy, Andy’s littermate, died on 15 July, 2020. Andy and I miss him a lot. He was a jokester, a comedian kitty, and an explorer, as you can see in the video.

26Jan21: lost “baby” pictures…of Andy and Dougy the kitty boys

Andy’s the kitten on the left, his first day at his new forever home. Being a baby cat, he already knew he was supposed to walk over keyboards and wipe out whatever I was working on at the time. LOL! He still does that if I’m not careful.

Dougy’s the kitten with his paw over my wrist. That was what he did until he grew too big for the spot by the computer just right for a kitty to stretch out next to his favorite human.

These photos are framed and hanging on my living room wall. I gave them to my mother to brighten up her care center room. At some point, someone put them away in a drawer in Mom’s room. I had no idea what happened to them.

After Mom died, I found these framed photos in her dresser in a drawer. It was a happy find because the photos had been in a computer file that became corrupted. They were the lost baby pictures of the kitty boys .

19Jan21: Kitty boy on watch…

Couldn’t help notice I’m being watched…

Yes, there he is! Andy’s watching, watching…

…watch…um… (I think he’s losing interest!)

Hee! Hee! Predictable! You’d make a terrible guard dog, Andrew!


If you look at the last three photos, the kitty boy in the box in the photos within the photos is the late Dougy.

18Jan21: Andy and Dougy back in time…

Andy’s always been a kitty boy that could play alone and be happy.

Dougy usually was the dominant kitty brother, but Andy could be a pest and dominate Dougy when he was in the mood.

Usually, though, the kitty brothers enjoyed each other and sought each other out for kitty fun! (Andy and I miss his brother. RIP dear Dougy. New subscribers may not know he died 15 July 2020, age nine.)


Once in awhile, it feels like I’ve posted the same thing twelve times in a row. On those occasions, I am glad I can pull a few videos of the kitty boys from my YouTube channel. Old videos of the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, remind me of how much fun and joy it was to have two kitties interacting with each other. For those who remember Dougy, the last video is especially fun to watch.

09Jan21: taming the beast…

“NO! Don’t touch me! I’m a great, BIG bone-crunching, blood-lapping carnivore!”

“I warn you! I’ll chew your arm off!”

[Purr! Purr!]


The late Dougy resisted affection, too, but all was well once I “scritched” his chin, rubbed his head, or stroked his back. 

25Dec20: Christmas Greetings



I had a call yesterday from Toni, an old friend from work. She wanted to stop by because her daughter had something she wanted to give me. I’d made my plan for the day (sit around watching television in a day old shirt and underwear….LOL!) but reluctantly agreed. I took out some trash and gave things a quick touchup since I wasn’t really ready for a visit and the place needed a bit of attention I typically give it on Sundays or Mondays. In days of COVID-19, I don’t have enough – any! – visitors so things tend to get a bit slack in the housekeeping department. Oh well. They arrived, Toni and I caught up a bit on how things have been, then Addison gave me what she wanted to give me: 

I was stunned and became emotional. Thanks again to Addison! Andy had to check it out, of course.