25Feb23: “Where were you, Doug?”

Well, you asked, Andy. It was a monthly AHS Class of 1966 luncheon. Lots of food and talk and fun!

I smelled doggy on you and you were late for kitty food time…

03Dec22: Don’t forget to feed the kitties!

Three years ago yesterday, I got involved in something and missed “feed the kitties” time by a few minutes. (Andy, left; Dougy, right.) They became very, very, very, very, very, very. etc. anxious!


Last night I picked Andy up in the front room by the kitty lounger under the stacked carriers and carried him into the guest bedroom to medicate him. I sat down on the sofa and placed Andy on his back. When I looked in the medicine pouch, I found the eye drops were missing! (On the floor by the glide rocker in the front room…? That’s where I keep the medicine pouch, next to my own medicine.)

I spoke in pirate a time or two, absent-mindedly running my fingers through Andy’s fur. I found a huge mat on his side. I took a little time to work that out of his fur, then struggled up to carry him and myself back into the front room to find the eye drops, which were indeed by the glide rocker.

Andy struggled a little – he knows I expect it! – then I put the lotion in his ear and the drops in his eyes. All in all, Andy still was a very good kitty! We got through the ordeal with one tiny scratch, something of a record for those times I get a little claw. Besides, for all the mishaps, things still worked out with less stress than the time before when Andy hid under the guest bed.

13Feb22: Dougy from seven years back…

The kitty boys would have been three going on four years ago when this photo of Dougy on a cardboard disc was taken.

Wow! Seven years ago, Dougy hadn’t started destroying his ottoman yet.

Here’s Andy on the ottoman now. Dougy ruined the cover scratching on all corners to let Andy know it was Dougy Territory. It “says” Dougy so much that Andy won’t get on it unless the lapboard covers the surface. (Dougy would beat up his brother for trying to get on it!)


30Jan22: an anniversary…

On January 30th, 2009, 11 AM, I began my early retirement from Parker Hannifin. I worked there, mostly in Quality Assurance, for just short of 36 years. Only one person had more seniority than I, and it was a running joke we had that I was going to work there till I’d worked one day longer than Mike. It didn’t happen, so I was never Nr. 1 in seniority.

Sadly, five of the people in this photo have passed. I was blessed to work with each and every one in the photo.

I think this must have been taken in the 10th anniversary year of the plant, 1982. Most of us in the photo retired from the plant, which went through major updates in products produced and equipment over the years and became a cash cow for various owners, the last of which, Parker Hannifin, was my favorite to work for. 


Retirement made possible getting my first kitty, Freckles.

Louie came shortly after.

And, of course, the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy, followed Louie.

I’ve enjoyed my retirement!

28Jan22: watching tv…

This came up on Facebook. Andy (left) and Dougy were watching television, according to the caption. It was fun having both brothers, especially when they interacted with each other. We miss Dougy.

23Dec21: kitty televison…

This photo of Andy watching television up close and Dougy watching from his ottoman came to the surface recently. Dougy liked “My Cat From Hell” and Andy has more eclectic tastes. 

Of course, keeping up with the news is important, too!

03Dec21: Dinner’s late…oh my!

This photo memory came up on Facebook. Andy (on left) and the late Dougy were upset and anxious because I fixed their lunch late that day.


30Nov21: watching birds…

The late Dougy enjoyed the back window for bird watching.

Of course, so did Andy!

The north bathroom window was even better because there’s a rosebush right by the window. Lots of birds there!

10Nov21: And some feature two…

Andy’s a bit miffed that he hasn’t been featured exclusively of late.

Even mugs with him on them don’t count, I guess. Of course, this one features both Andy and the late Dougy, watching backyard birds.

“I know where you sleep!”

Andy is a serious kitty.

05Oct21: too tired to finish watching…

Barely into the movie, Andy conked out.

Even during the violent scenes, he slept and slept!

He woke briefly during the Jack Teagarden solo. This was a treat for Doug, however, since he was a boy trombonist and big fan of the great JT!

The Teagarden band featured a clarinet solo, another treat as Andy’s Auntie Kathy was and currently is a clarinetist…

…so Andy, at least woke up and moved over to the ottoman not to watch that!

He missed out on some cool Jazz and a pretty good movie, but at least he got a good night’s sleep.