Post 1861: Andy gets ready for Caturday…


The ritual starts! Says Andy, “I have to work at it.”


And work…


…and work….


[“Whew!”] …and work…


…and work!


Time to snooze! It’s Caturday!


Post 1860: Andy finds a sweet spot!

andy finds a sweet spot

Yes, there is an ceiling fan directly above the recliner and a steady breeze Andy likes to enjoy!

Post 1856: Andy ponders a mystery…

IMG_20180916_004317“You ate it! That’s where it went, Drew.” Andy isn’t ready for “Kitty Food Time” to be over.

Post 1854: Dougy’s decision…

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20180914010252 Dougy and I have a little morning routine. I try to update this blog, and he gets upset with me. Then I try to determine what he wants to do – brushing, which he love, love, loves! – wand toy, or lots of “scritching”. Being a long-haired kitty boy, that “scritching” is appreciated especially when I scratch that little spot between his eyes! (Makes him drool!)

Today, though, when I decided to sneak a GIF of me brushing him, he spotted a gnat flying by the lamp on the end table. He made his decision! LOL! But he didn’t get the gnat.

catnip4Andy and I have our morning routine, too. After the kitty boys have their breakfast, I give Andy his medicine, then treats.

Today, I changed our routine a little bit. I’ve been growing catnip in a kitty treat container Andy and Dougy emptied. It is just right for sharing with my kitty boys now, and Andy appreciates fresh leaf a whole lot!

Though Andy finds the smell of the fresh leaf overwhelming, he gets his kitty on, eats the ‘nip, which he love, love, loves to eat when I crumple it up, put it on the floor. RAWR! Fresh ‘nip! Good!

Being an introverted little guy, he doesn’t react in amusing, wild ways. Fresh greens, though, always are welcome in his world.


Post 1853: “Please, let’s play!”

If Andy has his way, the multi-colored string game will commence as soon as he calls Dougy! “Mrow!”


I prod Dougy. “Don’t you hear the call to play, McDougall?”

Yes and no, but he soon gets up and runs to join his brother in wild play.





Post 1852: swingin’ Dougy…


Andy’s swingin’, too!


Post 1851: taking a rest…

Andy and Dougy had a busy morning. Now it’s time to rest. Dougy is so tired, in fact, he isn’t challenging Andy for resting on the television stand, something he would ordinarily do.

Post 1850: Andy tries to tell me something…

Andy corners me and tries to tell me something that weighs heavily on his mind…. 

“Whatsa matter, boy? Timmy in the well again?”


Andy isn’t amused. That joke wasn’t funny the first time.

“Look at the clock, sir.” (Andy is the polite kitty boy of the two! Dougy would just shout it out, mrow, mrow, mrow.)

“See what Dougy’s doing?” Andy asks.

“Oh! It’s ‘Kitty Food Time!'” So I prepare the wet kitty food for the kitty boys and hope Dougy hasn’t eaten too much dry kitty food or he’ll miss out on the chicken paté. Believe me, Andy eats it all if Dougy hesitates a moment! 

Post 1847: there are signs…


It’s clear: The kitty boys have begun to circle around me so it must be “Kitty Food Time”! (Andy on recliner; Dougy on ottoman, pouting; me behind laptop screen, hidden….)