Post 1548: sharing the recliner…

“I see you!” An uneasy truce. The kitty boys warily share the recliner.


Dougy isn’t happy about it, however.


Post 1547: Monday at the movies…

Dougy generally wastes little time with deep thought! Here’s an exception.


Andy made sure I knew he knew I knew he knew he was upset! 


What’s in the box sometimes is just as intriguing as getting into a box. Andy is transfixed, even missing the fact that Dougy’s hiding behind the jacket on the chair!


Yes, Dougy always hogs the new boxes. Notice how he handles Andy towards the middle of the video….


A common theme: The kitty boys enjoy watching birds!

Post 1546: “He winked at me!”

Same old routine: Dougy on the table, snooping away, and Andy observing naughty kitty behavior from his current favorite box perch….

Nothing new there!

“What?! What?! What?!” Dougy’s upset because Andy’s winking at him! 

Dougy settles down to stew about Andy, and Andy settles down to doze off. No wild chase for now!

Post 1544: G-mail observes Caturday…and does nothing!

G-mail is slow, slow, stopped today for some reason. I am waiting for photos to show up in my g-mail in box, but only one has. If the photos show up while I am at dialysis, I’ll post what I planned for today, today.

Post 1543: trick or treats…

Dougy slept soundly while Andy sneaked box time in the new box. Ohhhh! Danger time, Andrew! Dougy came soon after. Andy pretended he was there – next to the box – waiting for kitty treats. Good move, Andy! I had to fork over the loot to complete the deception.

Dougy hopped into the new box, of course. In time – thanks to Andy crunching kitty treats next to the new box – Dougy picked up on the fact that he better get it fluffy butt out of the box if he wanted his share.

Dougy looked and looked and walked right over the treats and looked and found the mother lode of kitty treats, but still didn’t figure out the treats were under his feet for the eating! I even pointed them out to him! 


Good grief, Dougy! I even tossed a few in the new box. Andy’s going to be “horking” kitty treats if he eats all I’ve put out for two kitties!

Dougy takes the search to the table – over here, Dougy, over here! – then hops over two packages of kitty treats to get to the floor. I hadn’t intended to trick him out of his treats! He did it on his own.

Post 1540: A new box!!! Woo hoo!

Andy and Dougy are very excited: a brand new box! Best of all, it is full of cat grass starter and lots and lots of kitty treats!


Yet Andy is incredulous.


All Andy can do is return to the table to think about strategy, perhaps, or wait till Dougy gets tired of the box. It is a bit big for one kitty!

Post 1539: more sleeping kitties videos…

A sleeping kitty is a temptation…

…I have trouble resisting!

Of course, sometimes the sleeping kitty so charms me I leave him alone!

But sleeping is an important part of being a kitty, so even I try to respect that time they finally prepare for naps. Sort of.


Post 1538: Arise you sleepyhead! Mrow!

Dougy and I have been up for hours, but Andy went back to sleep on the bookcase, which is by a fan he likes to have running. “I give up!” Dougy seems to say, and he leaves for kitty fun elsewhere; I stay behind.

Andy sleeps but is very aware of his surroundings the same…


…so when I touch his foot, he reminds me he has claws. DO NOT DISTURB! Continue reading

Post 1537: breakfast was early today…

The kitty boys get pretty darn excited when they think it’s time for kitty food. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is just feed the little rascals early. (Their little tummies will regret it later, though there always is dry food available.)

Andy eats first many days, and Dougy waits. Of course, when Dougy eats dry food too close to chicken pâté time, he isn’t that hungry. Other days, they eat together.


Andy has to clean up after eating, but Dougy waits till he is hungry to check out the chicken pâté.




Post 1536: movie time…!

I guess the theme today is cats at play!

Andy plays best by himself because Dougy tends to take over with great enthusiasm. Andy’s my quiet kitty boy. Well, most times! This is an exception.

Hope you enjoyed the little movie show!