27Oct20: Andy likes Dvorak…or is it the little people that might taste good?

Andy wants to see what’s on the laptop.

Watch out kettledrummer! Andy makes his…

…move, but…

…WHAT!? Where did the kettledrummer go!? Watch out clarinet section! Andy’s on the move.

26Oct20: worth the wait…

Andy’s at my foot, waiting for something…

…that he knows…

…I can give him.

Yes! Yes! Yes! A head rub! >Purr! Purr!< Worth the wait.




25Oct20: Andy is obsessed…

Andy notices an object of interest in my hands.

The little rascal keeps pawing at the blanket on my lap. He becomes a real pest!

Kitty boys don’t like cinnamon candy, Andy! (No, but he really, really, really likes the crinkly wrapper. I have to be very careful to dispose of wrappers so Andy doesn’t try to eat them.)


23Oct20: A remembrance of Dougy.

Dougy left a mark on this home. Yeah, the Ottoman took a big hit, but it was Dougy’s favorite place to rule his domain.

The kitty boys got along well, though there were occasional clashes over the kitty loungers. Dougy’s giving Andy one of his looks from the lounger here.

Andy wasn’t in the mood for Dougy’s petulance that day, and he taunts him with his paw!

Mostly, they worked together to catch millers and flies!

Andy and I miss Dougy.

22Oct20: Being a cat is tiring business.

The days are shorter now but the nights are always long in Andylandia! Andy takes a snooze.

Of course, once he wakes up, Andy takes care of important kitty boy business.

Whew! Being a cat is tiring business!



21Oct20: Andy may not be a fan…


I spent some of Sunday watching a video of Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro”, a favorite.

Andy slept through most of it and woke up a couple times to beg for treats, but not at the entr’actes. Hey! He’s a cat! Give him a break.

20Oct20: Please, Andy! I just want to “wuv” you!

Andy is a curious – odd! – little kitty. When he’s on the end table, he doesn’t like to be petted or “scritched”. There are other places  – the cat tree in the dining area – where I can stick my face in his and get a head bump of approval, purrs, and lots of personal quality time with my kitty boy. 

Just not at the end table.

19Oct20: The last fly…?

It showed up after I brought in the groceries….

Andy wanted his shot at it, but the fly never landed where he could strike. (Notice Andy’s “horns” are up!! He really, really, really wanted that fly!)

The fly’s last moments before I told myself I wasn’t waiting for kitty power to rid the apartment of this pest: I took out the swatter and kill, kill, killed the nasty little insect! Andy would have done as much.




17Oct20: Strike!

I need you to do something interesting, Andrew! Do something!

“Yer not the boss of me!”

OK! OK! I’m not the boss of you, Andrew James Thomas!