Post 1587: clean kitty…

Being a clean Andy takes work! Andy spends several minutes on top of the recliner back making sure he is pretty in case company stops by. 


He rubs against the joint on the articulated lamp! I think he cleans eye snot from the corners of his eyes there or maybe just scratches his nose. Either way ~ ick!


All spruced up!

A little recliner foot rest time with me. Kitty quality time!


Post 1584: kitty tummies…

Marc-André of  Katzenworld encouraged me to provide photos for Tummy Rub Tuesday. I protested a lack of new photos of either kitty revealing a fluffy tummy to rub.

On a second look, I seem to have a lot of Dougy photos where he exposes his tummy and a few of Andy, including this classic pose of Andy with added glasses:


I better get on the ball and send Marc-André some photos for future Tummy Rub Tuesdays

Post 1583: same old, same old…

Dougy and I were in intense feather toy play when I accidentally flopped the bird into the overhead fan light cover, causing a loud “ping”.

The “ping” sound was very, very, very interesting to Dougy, so he hopped up on the recliner to try to catch whatever made that sound!

I tried to get him reinterested in the feather toy, but Dougy insisted there was something big and worth a follow up behind that “ping”!

Andy, on the other hand, made sure his “precious” was cleaned and kitty-sanitized for the next use.

Just the same old, same old at the kitty boy place…. 

Post 1581: Andy sees you!

Andy may look like he’s resting (well, he is)…

…but he sees you! [~wink!~]

Happy Caturday!

Post 1580: expensive toys…meh!

The early enthusiasm lasts a short time.

Put some effort into it, kitties. Any effort!

This toy is toast.

This toy amused Andy for a short time and Dougy just didn’t get it!

Much like the food bag strip that’s amused the kitty boys for a long time now, Andy found a toy he really, really, really likes ~ a folded piece of copy paper!

Post 1578: Christmas 2017

Better be nice! Santa’s coming to town.

Doug the human is resistant to the notion that the only appropriate Christmas greeting is “Merry Christmas“, and he prefers and uses “Wishing you a blessed Christmas“. 


merry = cheerful and lively;

blessed = made holy; consecrated.

Seriously, which word better defines the significance of the birth of the Christ Child? Make your choice but consider this: the commercialism of Christmas is the war on this holy day, not some catch phrase you don’t like as well as another.



Post 1574: Whew! Will Dougy get his worst kitty on..?


Dougy can’t miss that tantalizing tail! Swish~swish~swish!


Naughty thoughts torment our sweet Dougy! 

(“Don’t do it, Dougley! Don’t do it!” says the Angel Kitty on his right shoulder. The Devil Kitty on his left shoulder has a different idea. “But you can get away with it Douglas! Andy’s nearly asleep!”)


He makes a decision, perhaps not the smart one..! (What do you think Dougy will do?)


Andy’s kitty sense tells him Dougy’s interested in his tail so…


…he reminds Dougy that he has those pointy things on the end of his toes, too! “Do not pounce on my tail, buster!”


Dougy is seconds away from pouncing on Andy’s tail. Nanoseconds! Fortunately, Andy decides to head out to the kitty food place for a midday snack. It was close, Dougy Boy! Very close! Fortunately, you listened to your better angel!

Post 1573: different approaches…


Dougy’s waiting for the rootkit scan to complete. Takes eons!! Worst of all, it happens without input from the human, meaning you just deal with it when it happens and hope your life doesn’t depend on getting on the Internet. Just look at how stressed Dougy is! His fans expect daily Dougy updates. Is that hopelessness and despair etched in his fuzzy mug?

Good grief, MacDougal! It isn’t the end of the world, and the rootkit scan will be done much faster that the one hour the site suggests.


Take a look at your brother, Douglas. Andy hopped on his favorite roost and found a cup of coffee the human sat there. Did he go into panic? Call 911? Curse the darkness?


Heck no! He sniffed the coffee, which prompted the human to move it. (“Ick! Cat snot droplets in my coffee!” thought Doug, the human. “I better move my coffee mug!”)


Can you see the smugness on Andy’s mug? Hee! Hee! Andy gets his way!

Post 1571: two to tango…

Dougy and Andy slept side by side, then woke up. “Grrr! There’s Andy!” Dougy realized. “That’s not acceptable!” So…

…Dougy decided to let Andy know he was too close. Andy held his ground, though, and Dougy…


…ran off to sulk in the doorway to the guest bedroom. It takes two to tango, and Andy wasn’t about to dance!

Post 1567: a cat tour…

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the front end of Andy the Persian cat.

And this is the tail, our way of letting you know this is the end of the tour. We invite you to stop by the gift shop for Andy and Dougy mugs, t-shirts, posters, and other “must have” gifts for Christmas!


(There is no gift shop. I encourage you to enjoy the kitty boys in the usual manner here on weggieboy’s blog!)