Post 1905: What’s up?

Dougy minds his business, then he remembers there is something he needs to do…smear cat pheromones on Doug’s (the human’s) leg so Andy knows Doug is Dougy’s territory. Bug off!

(Doug the human thinks to himself, “Oh! How sweet! Dougy’s loving me with his tail!”)


Andy’s thinking, “I will kill when I get out of this towel!!!” Yes, it’s kitty medicine time for Andy. Doug (the human) also uses it as time to brush Andy’s fur.

Andy’s brother is very co-operative at the groomers because I brush him regularly. He likes it! Andy gets less brushing because he hates it. With luck, more frequent brushing will help Andy be a better kitty boy at the groomer’s. 


Post 1904: I call them “Slick”!

Andy cleans up well. That’s the groomed Andy on the left, and the slovenly, ruffled Andy on the right. Dougy wouldn’t co-operate as much, but he looks pretty, well, pretty, too! 

Andy was a bit naughty, though. He gave his groomer a scratch on her arm. (I left a $20 tip. Yeah….) Dougy was much better behaved since he likes me to brush him more than Andy does. 

Dougy after his trip to the groomer’s on the left, and before on the right. It isn’t that easy to see the difference, but there is a lot of difference when I brush the kitty boys!

As for that naughty behavior (Andy), I’m using Andy’s medicine time to brush him as well. So far, so good…. (No scratches, at least!)

Post 1903: I guess he’s comfortable…


Talk about taking over the recliner footrest! Andy totally owns it.

Post 1902: Andy approves!

Andy is fast asleep…

When he hears me make a noise, he wakes up. (See his “horns” in the left hand photo? That shows he is interested in something.)

Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_20181111100142He looks so cute I can’t resist his floofy face! He likes it too!


Post 1900:the grooming plan for the kitty boys…

Andy and Dougy have their next grooming appointment Wednesday, November 14th. I recently talked with Athena, their groomer, and we decided to try a different look. Namely, “Persian cat”! You know, long hair, with hygienic trim on their cute little butts, underarm trims to deal with mat formation in those difficult places, a bath, hair conditioner, a blow dry, and a comb-out.

They are such pretty cats when their hair grows out, it seems a shame to trim them down, even though the teddy bear cut I have been getting for them is pretty cute. It should be healthier for them this winter to have hair, too. Come summer, I’ll talk with Athena again to plan for what’s best for the kitty boys. 

In the photos above, Dougy in artificial light, above right, looks more like Andy (below does in the bottom right photo taken in natural light.

Post 1899: “Say what?!”

Andy catnapped on his favorite perch-of-the-day, the recliner footrest, when he became aware of a presence… 



Andy thought he recognized those ears! Dougy!


Post 1898: a slow start…

Andy just wants me to leave him alone now that he’s had his kitty food…


…and Dougy’s too busy cleaning up to pay attention to me. Too early, I guess, for kitty hijinx.

Post 1896: The kitty boys are back!


We’ve had a grumpy few days, thanks to a laptop giving up the ghost, but my new laptop means the kitty boys and I can return to regular posting.

What’s going to fall apart next? I suspect it’s time for the smart phone to go belly up. I mean, don’t expensive things always fail close to expensive holidays like Christmas? And it’s about the only bit of technology I use that’s left to croak!

Post 1894: Andy’s new box!

Kitty food and kitty treats arrived in a big box that Andy knew was his! After I taped the corners – the box is flat with large flaps that don’t fold all the way into the box – it became a kitty cavern. Andy approves and I now have one more kitty box to live around.

Post 1902: the staredown…


I recently let you know Andy decided this is a good place to spend his day if he wants to get kitty treats…


…though it has its limitations, namely, proximity to Dougy’s established sanctum sanctorum

dougy stares andy down

And there’s Dougley now! Watch out Andy! He’s about to give you…


…”The Stare”. Don’t waver, Andrew! You can take it like a big kitty boy…


… or not. Andy ran off to the guest bedroom to hide from Dougy. “The Stare” did the trick and Dougy’s enjoying a nice nap on his ottoman.