Post 1961: Respect my authority!

I have a physical disability and one speed, slow! Since I am responsible for giving Andy his blood pressure medicine twice a day, that disability might make a difference. Except! Yes, except, my kitty boys seem convinced my cane has some magical holding quality. If I point it at them, they tend to stop. If I put it on top of them…! Yes, it is my authority.

As you can see above, “respect” doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t get a “stink eye” from Andy when I catch him with the cane so he can get his midday medicine. 


Post 1960: Why does Andy like that spot?

He’s purring and closing his eyes in ecstasy. He points his face toward the ceiling and stays that way for long periods. Why does Andy like this recliner spot?

It’s directly under a ceiling fan!

Post 1955: morning chores…

Dougy looks better, but I still have till the 14th, minimum, to give him his twice daily medication for his eye. He was a pretty good patient today, excellent for Dougy! I think, I hope he now associates the drops with reduced pain or discomfort in that eye. He sneezed a bit after this photo was taken, one of the symptoms of feline herpes.

Andy, wrapped in a towel in preparation to give him his medicine for high blood pressure. He’s giving me that usual “Stare of Extreme Upset and Disapproval Prior to Ripping Out ‘His’ Carotid Artery with My Razor Claws of Instant Death” look. He was a good boy, however, giving me no excessive hassles today. The kitty boy medicating chore went well, with minimal stress to us all! (No animosity left over – he just stopped by for a chin ‘scritch’!)

Post 1951: Andy’s celebration is over…

Andy had a busy New Year’s getting Doug (the human) up at 11 AM New Year’s Eve for “Kitty Food Time”. Then it was time to clean up!

“Kitty Food Time” went well, though only after too long a wait by Andy’s reckoning. Doug – the human one – had to wash a sink full of dishes to get to the kitty food dishes first…!

What next??

After a little thought…

…Andy had his answer! Woo hoo! Zzzzzzzzzz…

Post 1948: snuggling…

Andy knows something about the recliner…

…namely, it’s one of the warmer spots in the apartment. It’s a good place to sleep!

Post 1947: the end of year is nigh…

Time passes too fast. Hard to believe this sweet little guy used to hang out this way with me until he got too big for the spot. The little paw always went over my wrist. This is Dougy when he was a kitten, almost seven and a quarter years ago…!

Andy was so small, so cute, so sweet, so fragile. He came home with me in September 2011, barely old enough to leave his momma. Dougy came later, and Andy was happy to be reunited with his brother!

Yeah, transitioning into the next year aways makes me nostalgic.

I want you around, safe and sound, in 2019, so celebrate responsibly on the 31st.

Post 1945: a sunny Winter day at the window…

Dougy waits his turn for the window while Andy bird watches.

“Say what?!” Dougy hears something outside on the other side of the house.

Andy hears it now, too. Faster than a smart phone camera, the two kitty boys are off to an adventure on the other side of the house.

¡Adios, muchachos!

Or was it just Andy’s dream?


Lavinia Ross writes:

Thanks again for posting Willow’s story, Doug.  She was the poster child for old animals with serious health issues that still need loving homes to see them through until the end.  Yes, like old humans, they are expensive, time consuming, and sometimes unruly due to their various emotional and/or health problems, but they are still beautiful little souls who give much love in return.  I would do it again.  

Post 1943: tear strip “fun”…

Dougy was wild with blood lust playing with the tear strip off the kitty food bag…till I tried to photograph his play!

So was Andy. He was all tooth and claw! Bring out a camera (or smart phone) and the kitty boys act like taxidermy specimens.

Post 1941: a discerning kitty…

What Andy likes about National Geographic magazine is…

it elevates him!

Post 1939: Mrow! Dougy tries to take over the lounger…

Andy catches Dougy on the lounger. There is a faceoff!

Dougy is full of cattitude today! “I had it before you! MINE!” Andy has to make a move.

Well, this wasn’t one we expected, but it stopped a serious confrontation.

Dougy is adament and holds his ground. Andy cleans up, What else can he do till Dougy tires of the lounger? (Later, Andy reclaims the lounger, and Dougy is content taking the recliner.)